Ideas for recruitment in LTC

  1. OK. we all are aware of the Nurse shortage. I am in Ohio. RN's here seem to all but non-existent. In Indiana where I lived a year ago we had a shortage but not like this! What I am asking is.....Does anyone have ideas about how to attract RN's to long term care? What could be done to make this work more appealing? I can honestly say I work in a nice facility. The administration is good and in tune with the employees needs and requests, its clean, well staffed (except RN coverage) which I might add the administrative staff actually comes onto the floor and provides help. Its a clean well organized place to be. Personal problems of staff are given attention and support. The videos and commercials you see for LTC, you know the ones, where they show residents outside walking, or playing games and visiting and they look so happy.....we really have that. RN's in site. I just want some input on what would make things more appealing to an RN for this kind of work....
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  3. by   renerian
    Nursenan what city are you in? I am in central ohio. I would love an every other weekend day or 3 to 11 job in a nice facility.

  4. by   boxermom
    MY DON lets all RNs work every 3rd weekend. We all take turns at holidays, but it works out to one or two a year. We only get 6 holidays paid a year. LPNs didn't like it much , but they aren't the ones in shortage.
  5. by   VivaLasViejas
    LTC will NEVER attract adequate numbers of RNs until the corporations that own facilities and the administrators who lead them value nurses enough to pay them a competitive wage, provide safe staffing and adequate supplies, and treat them as though they matter.
  6. by   renerian
    I think when you interview someone in LTC they should be honest. One nurse for 25 or 50 patients is not enough......

  7. by   debyan
    Amen, renerian, deb