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on your units? I am applying for a job at a ltc facility and I want to know what I am in for. I have heard scarry stories about being the only cna for 30 patients or worse? How does this work out ? I... Read More

  1. by   jccarolina
    Our facility, CBRF, 21 beds.
    days- 2 Cna's ,2 nurses
    pm's - 3cna's, (1, 3-11 / 1, 3-9 / 1,4-8)
    noc- 1 cna
    doesn"t work out to bad at all.
    we're all med. cert. ,so not having a rn or lpn on pm's or noc is not a worry. They are just a pager call away if needed.
  2. by   kmarie724
    I work in a LTC facility. We have 2 floors with 50 residents on each floor. On days and evening, each floor has 2 nurses and 6 aides, plus a TMA that floats between floors to help the nurses with med passes as needed. On night shift, each floor has 1 nurse and 2 CNAs. There's been talk of having an extra CNA on night shift that will float between the two floors as needed, but seeing as we don't have enough staff to cover all the available noc shifts with only 4 aides, I don't think we'll be having an extra CNA during noc shift on a regular basis anytime soon.
  3. by   LoveMyBugs
    100 beds with a skilled wing,
    days 3 nurses, CNA 8 or9 with 2 med aides
    eve 2.5 nuses (one day nurse works a 12 and is on the skilled wing untill 7pm)
    with 6 or 7 CNA and 2 med aides
    Nights 1 nurse 4 aides, 1 is a med aide
  4. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Quote from night owl
    On our 60 bed unit, we have:

    3-4 RN's, +1-LPN, +4-5 CNA's on days
    2 RN's, +1-2 LPN's, +3-4 CNA's on evenings
    1 RN, (2 RN's one night a week), +1 LPN, +3-4 CNA's on midnights (one CNA is for 1:1 for fall precautions on each shift)

    I'd say 3/4 are total care, 1/4 self care
    I work midnights so after report myself and the RN make rounds on our residents. The CNA's also check their assigned res. to see if they are soiled. They are supposed to make rounds q30 minutes (to check if they're breathing) q2hrs to check for soiling and turning. Your back is of utmost importance! ALWAYS get help when turning if you cannot do it alone. If you cannot get the help, a sure way to turn a pt by yourself is pretty simple. Take the arm that is closest to you and drape it over the pt's chest. Then take the leg closest to you and bend it up so that the sole of the foot is on the mattress. Then simply push the pt over on his side by pushing the shoulder and the bent leg. It really doesn't take much effort and you could turn a +300 lb. pt alone. I've been doing it for 25 years and I still have my back...(watch tonight...I'll mess it up... **sigh**
    CNA's are expected to do their work which is pt. care. For our shift (12-8) that entails a.m. care for approx. 20 residents which really begins at around 0430, washing and changing them, some have to be dressed and out of bed, others stay in bed. There are vital signs to be taken and charted in the computer, weights that have to be taken by the 10th of each month and charted in the computer, and then there are the breakfast trays...some need to be fed, others just need assistance. If anyone is on restraints, the CNA's have to fill out the restraint log sheets q 2hrs and hand them in at the end of the shift with their SIGNED assignment sheets. Our CNA's also change the tube feeding bags and do the tube feedings. Out of 20 res. maybe 1-2 are tube feedings, 10-12 are total care and are incontinent, 3-4 need to be turned, 3-4 need to be fed, and 3-5 need to be dressed and placed in w/c, or geri chairs. Breakfast arrives on the unit at about 7am., some go to the dining room by themselves. Oh, and the incoming CNA checks the roster with the CNA that's going off duty.
    Hope this gives you some sort of an idea of what you're in for. Good luck to you!
    that is really good staffing...5 nurses for 60 patients! Sign me up
  5. by   studentRob
    wow...I guess you never realize how good you have it till you look at what others have to put up with!

    On day shft we have 1 nurse and 4 aides for 25 residents ( and when you are doing AM care there are 8 aides for 25 people. 4 from day shift and four from nights)

    On second shift it is 1 nurse and 4 aides
    and the same on midnights i nurse and 4 aides
  6. by   catslave
    Our Staffing for a census of 72:

    Days: 3 nurses - 6 LNAs
    Evenings: 3 nurses - 5 LNA's
    Nights: 2 nurses - 2 LNA's (occasionally 3)
  7. by   Hospice Nurse LPN
    We have 2 LPN's and 6 CNA's for 108 people at night (6p to 6a). On an average night, there are 15 to 20 residents up at any given time --most of our folks are geri-psych, so even with all their meds they are up and usually wanting to go smoke a cigarette.