Holiday gifts for CNAs

  1. This is my first job as a charge Nurse in a LTC facility. I float between two different units and work with with alot of differnct CNA's. I would like to give them all a little something as a holiday gift. Can you all give me some ideas as to what you give your girls for holiday gifts to say thank you for all you do?

    I probably have a bout 10 different girls to buy for.
    Thanks for any ideas

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  3. by   chrisrn24
    I work overnights so there's not that many of us. Right now, I'm planning on making these white-chocolate covered Oreos on a stick that I found on Pinterest and wrap them in pretty cellophane. I may also do chocolate covered pretzel rods.

    Pinterest has a lot of great little craft ideas and many are very easy to do!
  4. by   Forever Sunshine
    Bath and body works has sales like $3 for $10 and stuff like that around the holiday season. Maybe a small hand lotion or antibacterial gel?
  5. by   sharpeimom
    What about baking them each a loaf of something like banana bread and pairing it with some nice hand lotion or cream?

    I have a recipe for pumpkin cream cheese swirl bread that's simple to make, that I'd be glad to share, if you're interested. I posted some chex mix recipes another year in the cooking section, if that sounds better.
  6. by   amoLucia
    Whatever you do, pleeeease don't miss anybody. Will cause hard feelings. Remember staff who float over from other units and those who stay over to do doubles before or after their regualr shifts. Also remember any assigned restorative CNAs/ therapy aides and if you have anybody from Recreation/Activities Dept. (Makes any one-day, one-time group activity risky.)

    I've seen holiday coffee, tea and cocoa packets wrapped up (with or without a gift mug). Some catalogues are selling multi-unit gift packs that you could divvy up (KMarts & WalMarts also sell these as gift trays, too). I've also seen those individually wrapped holiday gift candy apples given.

    And this is very personal (so don't anybody get offended) but, I'm very selective about homemade foodstuffs from others. Not to say I don't partake, but I am picky esp around holidays. (Funny, 'cause I freq brought in crock pot chilis and sloppy joes meals, pasta salads, etc. For no particular reason, 'just because'. Folk who wanted to partake did so.)
  7. by   NamasteNurse
    pens and highlighters are always appreciated. bath and body works has hand sanitizer in tiny bottles usually for a dollar! Last year they also had holders for those bottles which can be attached to a bag or belt loop. My aides loved them.