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What's up with this! I have a psychotic resident on my hall who is now in her 5th nursing home, which happens to be the last chance for her because there are no more facilities that will take her.... Read More

  1. by   TheCommuter
    I have observed that the most hell-raising, belligerant family members only visit with their loved ones for less than five minutes. They spend most of their visiting time complaining to administration about petty issues such as Kleenex, beauty shop appointments, Boost/Ensure nutritional milkshakes, and other matters that are totally inconsequential to the big picture.
  2. by   caliotter3
    Imagine more than one set of family members badgering the staff with their demands at one time, jockeying for attention like spoiled children (come to think of it, you are usually dealing with spoiled children)! Makes for quite a circus in the pt rooms, in the hallway, at the nrsing station! It is one of these golden moments in time that you wish the media were in there with their hidden cameras and reporters gathering info for an investigative piece. By all means, a different perspective.
  3. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    When I worked in long term care we had one of those nutty family members...The sad thing was the patient WASN'T THE PROBLEM, it was the family...Her husband would come in and insult/hit the staff and threaten other residents when he was raising hell....he'd get suspended from the facility for a few days and then we'd have peace and quiet, but then he'd return and behave for a day or so and then go back to his normal psychotic behavior....The facility was doing everything possible to get rid of her, but here in California it was almost impossible...we were hoping and praying that she'd go to the hospital that way all we would have to do was hold her bed for the minimum time required by medicare and then NOT ADMIT HER BACK TO THE FACILITY...well we got our wish....and unfortunately she ended up dying....such a sad story because she wasn't the problem, it was her nutty family.....But unfortunately sometimes if money (no matter if it's private pay or medical) is coming in, most of the high ups don't care who is in the facility because it's the nursing staff that has to deal with it....not them....
  4. by   banditrn
    CNAIsANUSRSE2b - if he was hitting the staff, why wasn't he arrested for assault?
    Not putting up with families is one of the reasons I work nites!!