does your facility have 8 or 12 hr shifts?

  1. mine is 8 hr

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  3. by   meownsmile
    We have a combination,, most RN's work rotation 12 hr shifts 7-7.
    LPn's have a combination rotation. Some work 8 hr day/evening or day /night and some work 12 hr rotation 7-7.
    CNA's all work 8hr shifts, day/eve/night with no rotation.
  4. by   AmyB
    We have 8's. It used to be 7-3, 3-11, and 11-7. Last Friday it changed to 6-2, 2-10, and 10-6 to provide more staff on site when residents are being awakened and gotten out of bed.

    My first shift with the new schedule is Tuesday. Should be interesting
  5. by   jenmlee
    Ours is the same as yours ajaxgirl.
  6. by   ajaxgirl
    I would love 12 hour shifts.
  7. by   tatgirl
    I too would love to work 3 12 hr shifts and be off 4 days a week. At my facility we are still on the old standby of 7-3, 3-11, and 11-7.

  8. by   10ACGIRL
    Every place I have worked all had 8 hr. shifts for CNA'S. Whene I was growin' up, nurses only went by 8 hour shifts. The hospitals in Tennessee also do 12 hour shifts as well for nurses. I wish shifts woulkd only be 8 hr. bcuz there is nothing worse than a nurses burnout fir a CNA.
  9. by   marjoriemac
    I currently work 7 hr shifts (except nights which are 11) 8-3, 2-9, 9-8. But I have worked 12 hour shifts in the past 8-8's which I preferred as continuity was better, less staff needed overall, better days off.
  10. by   hecete
    Since I Am The Only Rn In The Facility That Works The Floor, I Work 7a-7p, It Takes Me That Long To Get Everything I'm Responsible For Done. Sometimes, I'm There Longer, And I Work 5 Days A Week.
  11. by   sissyboo
    Most LTCs in my area have extremely wacky schedules! They are very flexible and keep several part time employees. Many of the CNAs are also doing pre-reqs for NS or are in NS, so sometimes they may work two 12s on the weekend and go to school during the week. Some CNAs work only 8s. Most do not rotate shifts though. As for nurses, they are all pretty well 12s as far as I know!
  12. by   huskersfan
    In my facility the nurses do 12 hr shifts. 6a-6:30p and the nights do 6p to 6:30 am. The cna's do 8 hr shifts. Most all the nurses like the 12 hr shifts.
  13. by   TheCommuter
    My workplace has 8 hour shifts: 0600-1400, 1400-2200, and 2200-0600.

    I work the 16-hour weekend double shifts: 0600-2200 Sat. and Sun.