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I have gotten reprimanded INTENSELY for writing a nursing note in regard to a patients fall. Of course all you LTC nurses out there have been in this are walking into a patients... Read More

  1. by   lumbarpain
    Ok, with everyones help here the 3 words that can describe a patients fall in NNs are.....".Found"( which I will never use again)
    "discovered",(great word, never thought of that one) and" Observed".......Thanks Lumbarpain
  2. by   lumbarpain
    ps, glad you guys enjoyed my little tidbit of a Overblown Ficticious Funny Nurses Note. We need to laugh more in this world......Truly, we do.
  3. by   cvr1998
    Hi everyone, Just looking for some advice. A friend works as a CNA in a nursing home on rehab. There are supposed to be 3 CNAs for 40 residents 11-7 overnight shift. One night there were only 2 ( this happens a lot) 1/2 way through the shift the supervisor told the other CNA she had to go to another unit to help out for an hour because they were short staffed. While she was gone, one of her assigned residents fell so my friend was the one responsible and had to do an incident report. She stated what happened including the fact that they were short staffed. The DON told the supervisor to tell her that she had to change her statement and remove any reference to staffing as she may be fired. My friend does not want to because they are always working with not enough staff and things like that happen a lot. Can she get fired? does she have any recourse?
  4. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Most of us are at will employees so we can be fired at any time.
    I'm not sure why they have a CNA doing an incident report- that usually is a licensed job.
    If they do root cause analysis of why the fall occurred, it would be helpful to know the staffing pattern on that particular night.
    --if they want you to remove the part about shirt staffing what else might they want you to be less than honest about?
  5. by   VivaLasViejas
    They're wanting your friend to falsify documentation because the state surveyors will eat them alive when they see the IR.

    She should NOT change her documentation. Like CapeCodMermaid said, if management wants her to change that, what else might they hiding?
  6. by   CapeCodMermaid
    --if they want you to remove the part about shirt staffing what else might they want you to be less than honest about?
    They might want you to falsify pants staffing...sorry for the typo