Do CNA's in a union ever get fired? - page 2

I work at a place where the CNA's are in a union. I was shocked at the behavior of one of the CNA's. She was rude to her patients and to the RN supervisor on duty. She is super aggressive and really... Read More

  1. by   Blackcat99
    What a place! A nurse arrived for night shift and found out she was not scheduled where she wanted to be. So she clocked out and went home!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!
  2. by   BrandonLPN
    Technically, it isn't official abandonment unless you accepted report and the narc keys. Unprofessional? Yes. Abandonment? No.
  3. by   rdsxfnrn
    Where I used to work at a group home, we were in a union. Higher up's were often given reports about verbal abuse, physical abuse, stealing food, money, and on and on. Nothing was ever done. "THEY" reported bad stuff on the good people and eventually so many people were being investigated we couldn't keep up.The people that cared about these clients, and reported the real abuse eventually got sick of the whole mess and one by one they left for greener pastures. Yes, I left also. I couldn't take it anymore. Yes, I reported them to the state. (elder abuse and dcf) Very sad, they are still in business and it's ssdd from what i hear. the bad people won that one.
  4. by   smoke over fire
    Bully's come in all sizes and status!
    I agree ... bad behavior deserves action. If the managers won't listen then the nurses need to rally together and get involved. Start written documentation on what they witness, who they reported it to and what was the action taken. Then go up the chain of command. The union is not there to protect bad staff, but to shield them from bad managers. It is the responsibility of people in charge to do their jobs, and follow procedure to get these bad eggs outta there. Plus as a bonus, when one is fired the others may have a change of heart (but don't hold your breath). State ombudsman should also be getting a copy of an abuse witnessed. Don't give up! Too many people like this take advantage of those too afraid of conflict to speak up. Godspeed!
  5. by   Meriwhen
    Unions are not bullet-proof protection against being fired. They are there to protect the employee from an unfair process...but if valid cause for dismissal is there, a union isn't going to save them.

    Document her behaviors and always follow the appropriate procedures, so a paper trail is created and there is no question that things were done according to protocol.