Northeast Georgia Health System

  1. I have an interview with Northeast Georgia Health System and was wondering if anyone had any experience with this system. What is the pay range? Is it a good company to work for? If you work there, what area do you work in?

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  3. by   Marshall1
    This is bit late based on the date of your posts but...I worked there in the early 90's. I enjoyed it. Wages are average - nothing to rave about but there is room for advancement if you are interested - lots of people have gone to work there and stayed for decades - literally. Good luck
  4. by   CrazierThanYou
    I applied there today and got an email telling me they aren't hiring new grads right now
  5. by   jonesgeo
    how did the interview go? Who did you interview with?
  6. by   MJB2010
    It pays about 2 dollars an hour less than the Atlanta area, does actually hire new grads, and gives a good orientation for all newbies regardless of whether they are new grads or not. It might be worth the lower pay to get some good experience. Most people seem to like working there. They do hire new grads. I know they say they don't if you call and ask, but they do hire them to the med surg floors mostly. The critical care and cardiac areas get some new grads, but mostly ones that have worked there as NA or externs.