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  1. Hey all! I am currently in the application process for Fall 2011 at North GA College & State. I was wondering if anyone out there can offer me come comfort on the application process and acceptance statistics? I am very impressed with the college so far and will be highly disappointed if I'm not granted acceptance, but I'm going crazy with all of the waiting games (I've applied to several schools).
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  3. by   ThatWeirdArmyGirl
    I'm in the same applicant pool with you. Do you know when they are supposed to tell us yes or no? I was reading on here that in 2009 people got their letters on valentines day.
    To compare notes this years applicants can put out stats on here so we can see how we think we will fall I suppose.
    My current college GPA (ill have a bachelors degree before I go to nursing school) is 2.88. SAT score was 2160 or 2170...i don't remember. And my TEAS score was 89 which it said was in the 99th percentile.
    As far as my science classes go.... I only took elementary chem and biology freshman year and I got a C in chem but an A in the lab and a B in bio. I wish i had worked a little harder in those classes but it was 4 years ago so oh well.
  4. by   lesuga
    I think I graduated college with a 3.43 GPA. My TEAS was an 86 or 87. Science classes for me - B in CHEM 1 w/A lab, C in ChEM 2 w/B lab, Anatomys were both Bs with A labs. I don't have to turn in my SAT due to having a degree. I'm nervous like crazy! When I got in touch with the school I was informed we'd find out around March because they start going through applications in February. I'll be prayin for ya because I'm definitely sitting in that same situation and it's driving me bonkers!
  5. by   falconwidow
    Hi ladies, I'm waiting as well. I'm hoping that like the 2009 starting class we might here around Valentines Day. My gpa is 3.76, but my teas was only a 74. I had A's in Chem, A/B in A&P 1 and A/A in A&P 2. I called last week and they said letters go out the first or second week in March. I'll keep my fingers crossed for us all.
  6. by   lesuga
    FalconWidow - I don't think you will have ANY problems getting in. Your stats look awesome. I'm absolutely nervous sick. I've been through this drill before and just starting to give up Not good! I also heard first week in March though, but fingers crossed for Valentine's Day, too. Maybe they want to send us some lovin' ?
  7. by   falconwidow
    I'm with you I could use some loving. With the cost of college I don't expect a big gift and to be honest that would be the best gift I could get. Good luck, I'm sure you are fine. I'll cross my fingers for you as well. Cheers, Mel
  8. by   lesuga
    Are you aiming for the Dahlonega campus? My parents are offering to let me live with them throughout school - I'm unmarried and no kids (I'm only 24). It'll be a humbling experience but a total blessing. Great thing is they live about 27 miles from campus. I put Gainesville as my second option - more like 50 miles, but still school none the less. I have applied to several schools and keep getting the "reapply" comment because some of my classes are having a hard time transferring. No idea why sinch I went to a major 4 year college the first go 'round - so I'm nervous that the same thing is going to occur again!
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  10. by   MCGNurse
    Hey all,
    I dont go to North GA but I lived in Hall County and many of my friends are enrolled in their nursing school. One of my best friends got in, her TEAS was an 86 and her GPA was 3.6, she also had experience working in a nursing home. She also found out in March that she was accepted. Another friend of mine got a 90 on the TEAS and 3.4 GPA with no nursing or work related experience. She found out in March as well. And Im pretty sure they both made As in their science classes. So I guess it just varies!

    Sorry if my 2 cents isnt needed but I thought knowing what past students had would help yall see what theyve accepted.
    Good luck to you all!!!
  11. by   lesuga
    Ahh... now I'm even more nervous! My GPA is similar but my science classes weren't all A's and my TEAS score was a little lower. My original major is in Nutrition and have been working in public health for 3 years in my field, but I don't remember having to put that information in my application. I wish March would come sooner than later...
  12. by   falconwidow
    I'm hoping to get into the Forsyth Campus. I'm married and live about 5 mins from that location. However, I will be happy to get in at all. Let me know if you hear something and I will do the same.
  13. by   lesuga
    Well, according to my empty mailbox I am going to assume we won't be receiving any Valentine's "lovin'" from NGCSU. So... Happy Valentine's to you all! I'll be keeping my fingers, and toes, crossed for us all at my every trip to the mailbox from here until "Judgement day".
  14. by   falconwidow
    I sat on the porch today waiting for the mail lady and was so disappointed. I going to be a nervous wreck until we hear. My friend called today to ask if she should retake the teas and they told her that it would not matter, that they will not accept it now. They also told her that her chances were good. She got a 69 on Teas, but her GPA is 3.72. She is/was very nervous about her TEAS scores. Happy Valentines, I guess I will put a smile on my face and go cook dinner for the family. Happy Valentines Day, hopefully next year we can say that to each other face-to-face. :redpinkhe Cheers, Mel