New LPN grad having difficulty finding a job in Columbus, GA

  1. I graduated last week on December 13th. I have been consistently looking 4 a job in Columbus,GA. I spoke with an LPN recruiter at a hospital on Wednesday and she informed me that the hospital is no longer hiring LPN's and if I want a job I need 2 look into LTC cause that is the only place that will hire LPN's.

    Are there any jobs in the Columbus area that an LPN can work besides LTC? I hopefully will be starting the RN program in May but I need 500 working hrs before I can get into the program. Any job suggestion will be welcomed!

    Thank You
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  3. by   dmarie (GA)
    I graduated as an LPN in September and couldn't get into a hospital in the Atlanta area. Yes, there are LPN's working at these hospitals, but how they got their jobs is a mystery to me. I think you either have to be really lucky or know someone.

    There were several doctor's offices and clinics interested in me, but I went ahead and applied for a LTC position. They offered me a great package and I accepted it.

    LTC wasn't my first choice, but this facility is very clean and highly rated. The people are nice and the benefits are good. The pay is pretty good, too.

    In addition to giving medications, I'm performing skilled treatments as well. Head to toe assessments, skin assessments, wound care, g-tube feedings, colostomies, etc. So the skills I learned in school are being put to good use. The CNA's clean the residents, help with toileting, etc, so I don't have to worry about that stuff. As the LPN, I am also utilizing my leadership skills with the CNA's, and will be responsible for delegating to them and evaluating them.

    One of the nice things about LTC is that you are happily welcomed as an LPN. You are valued and appreciated as a nurse. In a hospital, you are the low man on the totem pole. Not to mention, LTC tends to pay more than a hospital ---- atleast for LPN's.

    If you absolutely don't want to consider LTC, maybe a doctor's office would be a good fit? You might not make as much money, but you might have better luck getting a job.

    I'm planning to start Excelsior the first of the year, so LTC is just a transitional job for me. I won't do it forever, just long enough to complete my RN.

    Good luck! :spin::spin:
  4. by   sonyaholloway
    Have you tried looking at Fort Benning? They are usually looking for nurses for civil service and contract positions.
  5. by   msteresa97
    So far the only positions that I have seen open at Fort Benning was for RN. I haven't seen anything open for LPN.
  6. by   sonyaholloway
    You should go ahead and apply anyway. They sometimes do not post positions even if some are available.
  7. by   crr277
    If you're willing to work in AL, Summit Hospital in Phenix City relies heavily on LPNs. (An LPN who works there told me this.)
  8. by   msteresa97
    I will be getting a GA license so I won't be able to work at Summit Hospital. And with the new buy out from Hughston Clinic I don't know what they will do with their nurses. Thanks for the idea.
  9. by   aloevera
    This "no LPN's in the hospitals" on prior posts surprises me. I am in the Savannah area and in all our three hospitals there are LPN's working in all departments. Have you thought of trying a psychiatric hospital? I know they employ LPN's as med nurses in our area. This would give you good experience and knowledge of medicines, some clinical skills, assessment skills, communicating with physicians, dealing with all different types of personalities of the pts. as well as staff. Something to think about.
  10. by   rddsnurse
    I graduated 2 years ago and had a really hard time finding a job in a hospital. They all want 2 years acute care experience in Houston, Texas. I went to a smaller city within driving distance and they were happy to see me. It is something to think about anyway. I make less money in a smaller place but the experience is invaluable, I even get into the ER and
    L&D, nursery on occasion.
  11. by   GoosbyLPN
    Dmarie(ga) u said ur a new grad..Can u tell me roughly how much is the start pay for new LPN's?
  12. by   rddsnurse
    Quote from agoosby
    Dmarie(ga) u said ur a new grad..Can u tell me roughly how much is the start pay for new LPN's?

    $11-14.75 on day shift in a hospital in the Houston area, if you can find someone to hire you. lol
  13. by   LPNboo2008
    In the same boat! I graduated in October and moved out here a few weeks ago and have been looking. I have put my resume in at the base....not really thrilled about that, but don't have the option to be very picky right now. It seems that nobody wants to hire an LPN that has no experience outside of clinical...even though our class had about 15 clinical sites, so we are all experienced in a variety of different fields. I am going to start applying to the LTC facilities here soon. I loved doing clinical there, but was always so sad when it was time to leave. I found myself getting attached to them. I don't do well with deaths....that is my biggest worry there. I have a huge heart but don't want to be breaking down in front of my family every other day/week. It may be a blessing to get a job there or be a nightmare.....I will do whatever I have to do in order to take care of my family. Any suggestions are welcomed!

    PS...I have been looking at the Phenix City area, but am not sure if I would be able to work there with a GA license...does anybody know?
  14. by   aloevera
    and some still think there is a nursing shortage....go figure....

    good luck, you may have to go LTC for now...will give you some good experience to start with using a lot of basic nursing skills....