License by Endorsement in GA, How long did it take?

  1. i was just wondering if anyone has got there rn license transfer to georgia, by endorsement, recently.
    how long did they take to issue you a license?

    on the application it states 15 business day but i called gabon, and they said, 15 days to process and up to an 30 additional days to get license issued. i was hoping it wouldn't take this long and that there are people out there who had shorter wait times.
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  3. by   jabeezley
    Ugh... wish I had something positive to contribute to your question. I have been waiting since June 22. Actually, my application was logged in on May 12, I received notice of a missing piece on June 16, supplied the missing portion on June 22, and continue to wait (July 21). I have a job once I receive licensure, but have already been waiting here in Georgia for four weeks without working! I hope you hear something soon.
  4. by   RNNLOVE
    I received my license in 2007, and it took approximately 7 days for me and 10 days for my friend. I have been told by co-workers, that was the shortest time they have heard of. It also depends when you filed your application. If it was during the time of a graduation class, then this process may take a bit longer. My sister is a LPN and she filed her application on June 11 and was told "up to 25 days". We spoke to the board on Monday and they informed us that applications are taking longer than usual now, but it should not be much longer. Best of luck in obtaining yours.
  5. by   jabeezley
    I called the board again today, only to be told it was "pending," but am now verified as having a license when I check online. Wooo hooo! Finally!
  6. by   Spring08
    It took approx 6wks for mines last year.
  7. by   quiteone
    Thanks for the responses.Well I've finally have my application logged in the system,as of the 17th,...but application still haven't been processed yet. Hopefully, things would speed up.
  8. by   jlsnow
    I mailed my application for my RN license by endorcement to the Ga board of nursing on June22. They did not post it until July 13. They told me when I called they were 3 weeks behind opening mail!!! Then from the 13th July they told me it could be another 25 business days until it was completed. They said they are short staffed due to the poor economy and are working as quickly as they can. Unfortunately my start date for my new job has to be delayed. I certainly thought mailing my COMPLETED application and ALL it required by the 22 June I should have been ready to start by the first of August. I hope it get's done soon!!!!
  9. by   dkbmommy
    I sent in my completed application July 13. The website says that it was received July 23. I called also and they said it can be up to 25 business days from the posted date for me to receive a license. I guess that means another month before I can start working.
  10. by   nursekrn
    Has anyone heard anything yet? My application was put in the system July 14. And my 25 days was up on monday. I was told today that the board will call me. I waited all day an I call them back, just to be told that it take someone from the board 24 to 48 hours to return calls. I have never waited this long from any state.I had to leave my husband to go work agency and the work is really slow. Everything is behind. I have cried, pleaded , and etc for more information about my application.
  11. by   quiteone
    Well friday, 21st Aug. is my 25th business day after the application has been posted and nothing has been updated everything still says pending, except my application fee. I was looking forward to at least getting it by friday, but I guess since you haven't got yours (NurseKrn), I won't be either. :angryfire
  12. by   nursekrn
    Quiteone, did you get your license on Friday ?
  13. by   quiteone
    NurseKrn, No I didn't receive my license. I checked online nothing has been updated. I will call on Wednesday, if it's not up yet, but not sure if that's going to help with anything. I'm assuming you haven't got yours yet either, please keep me posted.
  14. by   nursekrn
    I am sorry to hear that. I call friday and was told 25 to 30 business days.