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Wondering if anyone out there has applied for KSU's BSN program to start spring '10. I applied and am still anxiously waiting to see if I get an interview. Let me know if you've heard anything!... Read More

  1. by   nrice28
    Well, I haven't been in the program either, (hopefully I will get in for Jan.) but from what I have heard it is very hard, and the teachers are really nice and helpful and want you to do well, but again, it is really hard, and you have to be willing to put forth the time and energy into studying. I also know that the schedule changes a lot so you have to be really flexible. The clinicals are usually at Kennestone I think, but are also anywhere around metro Atlanta, but I know that each semester they stay the same, which is good. But Kennesaw has good scores for a reason, High standards, so I guess that is why they have the interview process and all of the other hoops to jump through. Sorry I haven't been in the program, but I do have friends that have been or still are in and this is what they tell me. If you find out more please let us all know too. Thanks ~Natalie.
  2. by   Pinksand
    Thanks Nataliearice! I am hoping to get into the Spring 2010 class as well.
  3. by   sjgimpel
    Every time I get an email that someone has posted something on here, I get my hopes up that someone may have posted "got my letter today!" Then I could run to my mailbox and have one also just so I could know!! I was fine not thinking about it until October but now that I know they are supposed to be sending them next week, I've become anxious! The wait is killing me lol! I wish I could just call ksu and be like "can you just tell me if I got in or not??"
    Anyways, atleast I know I'm not alone. I hope we all get in!
  4. by   nrice28
    funny thing is...I did call KSU and asked Fran..haha..she said she couldn't tell me anything..thats when she told me about the letters being sent out next week. So if they are sending them out next week, I am sure we wont get them by next week. Maybe if were lucky..but I know why they said oct. b/c who knows how long they take...UGH!! I am analyzing everything!!! Natalie go to bed! haha..
  5. by   %63theend
    I would think if they put them in the mail next week you'd get them next week or the week after at the latest. It only takes 1-2 days to get a letter in state.
  6. by   carebear86
    One of my friends talked to Fran today. Fran told her that they are having the final meeting this Monday coming up to make the final decisions and hopefully have the letters mailed out that Friday (the 25th). I hope it works out that way!!!
  7. by   nrice28
    Jeez, we really can't believe what anyone is saying..I guess that is something that just takes time. I am sure its hard for them to all agree, I wouldn't want that job. I mean, its peoples futures! Oh well, I just need to pretend that I will still get mine by late October. Waiting..........
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  8. by   %63theend
    Natalie, Friday the 25th IS next week. You'll know way before the end of October! GL!
  9. by   sjgimpel
    Since KSU is closed tomorrow, does that mean we have to wait even longer for the letters!?? Gggrrrr!
  10. by   sjgimpel
    I realize the floods have caused a lot of damage in some areas, so I apologize if my selfish comment has offended any of you. I hope you are all safe!
  11. by   nrice28
    It didn't offend me at all! I was feeling the EXACT same way!!! I mean, It's not our fault the weather sucks in GA. But thanks for the kind words. I hope everyone is doing okay. I have friends and family close to Austell and haven't heard anything. I went to Harrison High school and I used to run on Burnt Hickory (which is now flooded) its so crazy that this happened. It was only a few years ago when everyone from Louisiana was here, trying to get away from the flooding from Katrina. But I too, hope everyone is okay and safe.....But I also wish they would just send out the DAMN letters already!!!
  12. by   malkavian0210
    No offense taken. I agree the weather sucks, but as I was told when I interviewed., "Don't worry about the letter, it will come. Think of yourself as already in the program." So that's what I am doing. It could be worse, it could take as long as the notification letters for the interview did!
  13. by   sjgimpel
    I just wanted to know before Friday because if I got accepted to KSU, I wouldn't have to take to NET for Gastate this Friday. Oh well....