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Wondering if anyone out there has applied for KSU's BSN program to start spring '10. I applied and am still anxiously waiting to see if I get an interview. Let me know if you've heard anything!... Read More

  1. by   nrice28
    Thats awesome that you tried to calculate that but I read on the nursing website last night that they take about 70 for the spring semester. so if there are 128 people interviewing then 60-70 will get accepted in the spring. Overall ksu takes about 260 people a year. but thats out of like 1700 applicants. I wasn't going to do the numbers b/c its discouraging, but I did see it last night. Hope this helps and if its wrong feel free to tell me, I too am obsessed!
  2. by   sjgimpel
    Everybody just hang in there! We're all going to do the very best we can in the interviews, and the rest is in Gods hands! Either way we are all going to eventually be nurses and that's all that matters!
    I got denied the first time I applied to KSU, so I'm so excited just for an interview.
    Anyone else been day dreaming about how your going to respond to the questions? I certainly have! LOL
  3. by   %63theend
    Thanks, Natalie! I thought I had been told 150 were accepted in the spring but that must have been for the fall.
  4. by   scarlettheart
    I'm acually so glad hear it's more than what I was told, I thought it sounded way too low to be right! I'm just a numbers person and a list maker so I had to try to "calculate the odds",obsessive,huh? Thank you so much for easing my mind a bit, of course it won't be completly at ease until the end of October, no matter which way the decision goes. I'm just gratful to have others here that are going through the same thing who know what its like. THANKS and GOOD LUCK to all!
  5. by   lavendersapphire
    I applied to the summer traditional and fall accelerated (whichever one I can get into, but leaning more towards the traditional. The summer application period closes on Monday, so let the wait begin!) and have been stalking all the Kennesaw threads. Not sure if any of you spring applicants have seen this:

    "Hey guys, good luck with Spring 2009. They asked me the same question TJ wrote about regarding difficulty with a patient/customer. Also they asked:

    1. Why have you chosen nursing, what lead to here?
    2. What experience do you have in the medical field, if any?
    3. Name an ethical situation you have been in and how you handled it.
    4. Name a situation that influenced a change in your personal morals.

    That's all I can think of for now, but I think those were most of the questions, if not all. Good luck! "

    but those were the questions given to the summer 09 applicants in the interview and posted in the summer 09 thread. I think the fall 09 thread has some interview questions as well
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  6. by   lavendersapphire
    Oh, and I think the fall 09 thread has some interview questions as well.
  7. by   nrice28
    WOW! Thanks so much for those interview ?'s. I am having a hard time with the ethical one and the change in morals one...hmmm..Does anyone know if interviews are given to a lot of people? even with low GPA's or bad TEAS scores? b/c I thought that in order to get an interview they already looked at your GPA and scores. If anyone knows PLEASE let me know b/c I am SO scared that my TEAS is too low. (and I don't have the best GPA) the only thing I can think of is that I emailed Fran last month and explained that I have been a KSU student since 2002. I dunno...

    Oh yeah, and no problem, about the # of applicant info..If I can do anything to ease any other ?'s lemme know, b/c I could use some easing right now...haha..But this whole interview came as such a shock. I was almost to the point of giving up. I hope that I am not getting my hopes up too much. I have just literally applied about 6 times and NEVER gotten an interview. So that leads me to believe that they are pretty selective about the interviews. Wow, this is way too long...sorry guys...I have been having panic attacks. I actually have chest pain and can't breath, so I better get in, or jeez I don't know if I would make But everyone hang in there, I think im feeling everyones anxiety. :grn:
  8. by   tinasimp08
    I would think interviews are given to the best candidates for the selection. And, based on our application it had to depend on Gpa & teas score. Some nursing schools ask for experience &or recommendations so other schools look at other things like involvement. KSU seems like a grade & #s school. (I dont know any of this for a fact I am just inferring) If you got a interview i doubt your gpa & teas were to low

    ...but i do remember seeing a thread somewhere that said certain portions of the application are weighed differently...gpa % + teas%+ interview%.. but i dont know where they got the information from....
  9. by   Emilysuzanne23
    I was told that they determine who gets in with a point system. Each one listed is 20%. and the people with the best scores gets in.
    Overall GPA of every school attended is 20%
    GPA of best 5 of 7 math/science prerequisites is 20%
    GPA of best 7 of 12 prerequisites is 20%
    TEAS Score results is 20%
    Each area is worth 20%. If you are invited to interview, it becomes your 5th 20%.
    I hope this helps, but i would really like to know how many interveiws they gave compared to the number that gets in.
  10. by   %63theend
    Did anyone ever find out how many interviews they are having and how many will be accepted that are interviewed?
  11. by   nrice28
    Hey Robin, I don't know if you got ur message I sent you. I don't know if it sent right but yeah, I am in A &P II Lab. I was taking the class but dropped it b/c I have already taken it and I made a C. This of course, was b4 I had the interview. Hopefully it wont matter and my interview will make up for the fact that I have 3 A's 6 B's and 3 C's for the prereqs. But does anyone know if KSU would let you resend new results for the TEAS? b/c I am retaking it on Friday, and hopefully I will do better than b4...I hope it can be used for my spring decision.
  12. by   nrice28
    I also wanted to tell everyone that is curious about the number of people they accept, I read on the KSU nursing website the Q and A part , that they admit roughly 100 people per semester. But does anyone have an interview set for a date after Sept. 7-11? B/c if not then they do an interview every half hour so monday is a holiday, so it would start on tuesday. they do 12 a day, so 12X4 is 48. So they must be doing more interviews after that date. Did anyone get an interview this week?
  13. by   RNnbakes
    Good luck to you all
    I was accepted fall 06.
    I didnt have to take an entrance exam or do an interview.