Is Medication Aide/Tech Training Available in Georgia?

  1. I am a CNA and I'm certified in phlebotomy and ekgs. I recently heard of this certification and wanted to see how long it would take to get it and see if it was available in Ga. I have worked on the renal , heart failure, cardiac step down and MSICU. I don't claim to know as much as a seasoned RN but to be honest I know more than a lot of the resent graduates. I would feel fine giving meds with the proper training, but I am also aware of the possibilities for error and know how dangerious that could be.
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  3. by   GoosbyLPN
    I know sunrise assisted living offer that certification...try and Google it to
  4. by   Marshall1
    I don't know of any area of healthcare (in Ga at least) that allows for medication administration of a non-licensed person except assisted living facilities - at least the ones around where I live have med tech who are not necessarily CNA's or MA's - they provide their own medication certification class/test. I can't imagine you would be able to pass meds in a LTC, hospital or doc office setting as an CNA or MA even - at least not in GA. Could be wrong but never heard of it. Assisted livings are under different regs. Google or Bing search some and take it from there.
    Good luck.
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  5. by   caroladybelle
    While it has been many years since I worked in GA, at that time, there were no nonnurse medtechs permitted. And even in states that permit non nurse medtechs, it was permitted only in LTRs, ALFs, etc. not in the hospital or acute care.
  6. by   tbrooks
    Medication aide class is offered at ECR in Lilburn, Ga 770-717-0310. I went there for my CNA. It was a really good school!
  7. by   MYRN2016
    Hello: please inbox me. I know a pharmacy that is offering a Certified Medication Aide course for CNAs.
  8. by   tybee
    Hello I am a cna in Atlanta and I'm having a hard time finding a medication aide course. I've heard of a pharmacy that offers this certification but I can't remember where. Could u please give me the contact info of the pharmacy you know of. Thanks
  9. by   prettymica
    According to the state board there are 2 licensed medication aides in Georgia. I don't know where the school is located.. and I know this program was available when I graduated from LPN school in 2008... not so sure about its functioning currently.
  10. by   FelisaD
    I just moved to Ga. What pharmacies in Ga provide Med Tech training and do i have to work for a ALF in order to receive this training?
  11. by   La-French
    Hey which pharmacy offer the med tech class
  12. by   Angela Goodridge
    In box me I know of a school that teaches Med Tech, The lady is really a good teacher
  13. by   Gina6894
    I'm interested in this course. Will you please tell me where it's located and how to contact the teacher. Thank you.
  14. by   Lilyrose279
    New to the site. Also interested in Med Tech course but can't seem to find one in GA outside ALC.
    would you mind sharing the name of the teach with me as well.
    thank you