I want to find a Nursing Tutor!

  1. I live in Gwinnett county and I am searching for a tutoring agency that aids nursing students. If anyone should happen to know of such a blessing PLEASE RESPOND . I'm doing my "extracurricular reading" (haha), however I feel I would benefit even more if I had some one-on-one help. Would love to ask a peer, but most are concerned with their studies (which I do not blame them). :behindpc:
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  3. by   2klos2stop
    did you find a tutor yet? I really need one?
  4. by   jonesLL
    I just started the online LVN to BSN program at Indiana State. Would like to talk with someone who has made this choice. Is it worth while? Would like to find a study partner. Thanks Linda Jones
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  5. by   nurseofalltrades
    what exactly do you need tutoring in? Is there a particular subject?
  6. by   hunnie730
    Did any of you find a tutor? I'm interested in tutoring but can't seem to find out where to offer my services.
  7. by   scaredofshots
    Buy a good NCLEX book and learn how to take a test. After all school is all about passing boards and when your out you'll be trained on the job!
  8. by   WindyhillBSN
    I got a nursing tutor by e-mailing all of the nurs. instructors at a near by school. Out of the 9 that I e-mailed, one did answer and I'm glad they did! Try it, it may work!