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Anyone heard from Gwinnett Tech yet? I interviewed with them 2 weeks ago and still no word. I have emailed and called there, but no one has returned my calls. Just wanted to know if anyone has... Read More

  1. by   GaMommy81
    Does anyone know what the lowest gpa was that was accepted into the nursing program at Gwinnett Tech for the new Fall 2009 class? Thanks a bunch!! :wink2:
  2. by   GaMommy81
    Do you guys think that a 3.5 prerequisite gpa will stand a chance? What is the HESI exam like? What is the minimum score on this test for admission? Thanks so much!
  3. by   momgrad5/07
    GaMommy81 - Your GPA should be fine. I got in with 3.67. I don't remember my HESI score, but you have to get atleast a 70%. It just your typical entrance exam. I found it a little easier than the NET. I also had to do an panel interview. Good luck! Have you already applied?
  4. by   GaMommy81
    Thank you. I have not applied yet. I am going to apply for Fall 2010. Do they just pull your file at the deadline? What if I don't get in? Is there a way I could have a back up plan like Respiratory Therapy at Gwinnett Tech since the deadline is the same? I have so many questions. A panel interview. That sounds very intimidating! I will have to practice my interviewing skills. Congrats on your acceptance. Let us all know how the program is.
  5. by   arigsbee
    I am thinking of applying at Gwinnett Tech for the Fall 2010 class. I'd be interested in hearing from the Fall 2009 students as to what they think about the program so far....

  6. by   perfectionoz
    First of all Congrats on getting your acceptance letters! Did you guys have to take pre-reqs first, then apply; or apply first and then take pre=reqs? and how about the entrance test? do you have to take that first? Please help me out here. I am curently doing my pre-reqs for LPN, and need to take NLN soon to get in LPN program but I have a change of heart! I want to become an RN! what do i need to do? keep taking this classes that they are not going to be counted, or just drop everything and go to gwinnett tech and start taking pre-reqs?
    Thank you for answers in advance
  7. by   perfectionoz
    can you help me out? what did you have to do? take the pre-reqs first then apply or apply and take the entry test first and then take the pre-reqs? i don't know the order!
  8. by   Diva2RN
    Re: Gwinnett Tech Nursing Programcan you help me out? what did you have to do? take the pre-reqs first then apply or apply and take the entry test first and then take the pre-reqs? i don't know the order!

    You have to take the pre req's 1st. Eng 1101,College Algebra,PSY1101,AP1 and AP2, and MICRO. Then you apply to Nursing program (deadline Jan 15th for Fall Entry) If you qualify for GPA and Pre-Req's you will be invited to take Nursing Exam (HESI 2). Program is done in LockStep with 40 students admitted each Fall. Hope that helps
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  9. by   perfectionoz
    yes it helps a lot thank you so much. is the Nursing Exam (HESI2) test once a year? since i won't be able to do my pre-reqs till january 2010, then i have to wait till 2011, right? or do they have another test in the middle?
  10. by   Diva2RN
    Yes you will have to wait until 2011, Me too so don't get discouraged. The time will fly by!!
  11. by   perfectionoz
    am i going to be able to ginish pre-reqs in one year? anf if i am accepted it really is 2 year program right? so you and i would be done in 2014? or that 2 year starts after core classes? i am just trying to figure out if i need to start anf finish my LPN program and then do the bridge. would it be shorter? do you know?
  12. by   fdlink085
    GL to the new class
  13. by   holmla
    I am happy to see other at my age as well(48) going back to school. I am looking to start a new career after 19 yrs. in education and now really wanting to get into an LPN program for starters.