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  1. by   GaMommy81
    If that is the case, I am getting nervous! That is definitely not good! I thought that they would at least accept 80. Man!
  2. by   Emile
    The waiting part is like torture? anyone know when we should expect a letter? If they are only taking 68, then I need to start working on plan B.
  3. by   GaMommy81
    I need to be working on my plan B as well! Man this sucks!
  4. by   GaMommy81
    Last Spring I thought that they had like 104 slots available. Oh well.
  5. by   Emile

    Valdosta State and Ga Southwestern have second degree BSN programs with requirement similar to Gordon.Also Chattahoochee Tech , located in Marrieta ,started an RN program this year as well. Good luck to all of us.
  6. by   GaMommy81
    Yes they do, unfortunately I am not in a position to move away right now, as I own a home in Lithonia. I know that when I spoke to an instructor at Gordon, she said not to worry too much about GPA, but with 300 applicants, you know that is going to be a major weedout factor. I have all of my classes finished except PSYC 2103 because when I took it at Georgia Southern it didn't transfer over. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. Good luck everyone!
  7. by   Emile
    Does anyone Know if Gordon give points for previous degrees, like some other schools. Also, I find it odd that they really don't provide the applicants with any type of rubric of how points will be given ?? I guess all we can do is wait and pray for the nexttwo months....
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  8. by   GaMommy81
    I have no idea how they decide who gets in and who doesn't. It just seems to me as though they take the highest gpa's and the highest TEAS scores and the folks with all of their core classes completed, but who knows? Also, they probably take into account the science gpa. Just my guess. Don't quote me on it. :wink2:
  9. by   GaMommy81
    Does anyone know if Gordon will use a statistics class (MATH 2101) instead of MATH 1111? Also, I have AP (Advanced Placement) credit for ENGL 1101. Will that be calculated as an A or just as credit?
  10. by   skeeton21
    I heard that acceptance letters should be sent out by October 31! ... which is still a LONG time to wait.
  11. by   FaithWorks
    GA Mommy, You should talk to them about your transcript because I took PSYC 2103 at GA Southern also and they accepted it for me.
  12. by   GaMommy81
    The class was titled EDUF 2121 and they said that it was not accepted because it was only worth two credit hours.
  13. by   phrozenone
    hey guys...as far as acceptance letters...don't be suprised if you receive a decision earlier than expected. I recieved mine about a MONTH before they told us that they were to go out. :wink2: