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I am a 1st year nursing student at GPC and am having a very difficult time right now with my decision for coming to this school. The program is very unorganized. Here is a list of the problems I have... Read More

  1. by   rif2b
    Quote from bfew0711
    your information is heresay...go somewhere else with your negative attitude...why are you replying to a thread about gpc anyway...and why is it that you even care? your response is not needed or wanted
    i never replied to the thread in the first place, my thread was to a specific person that has since responded to me months ago. my thread was not negative nor did i display a negative attitude all i said was i heard bad things about them (gpc). i personally like to hear the goods and definitely bads of any school. in case you forgot, we do live in a free country and i personally respect and don't have to agree with everyone’s comment whether it is good or bad.

    next, this site is for information purposes and word of mouth is always a great thing amongst people with a common interest. these comments are personal opinions and should not be taken personal because it would be a waste of time to. if you cannot handle people’s comments maybe you should not be on this site or any other site that displays peoples views for that matter. i have enjoyed all the reviews i have read particularly the nursing schools that are in the atlanta area

    thank you all for your comments, positive or negative!!
    i will make a responsible decision as to what school i will apply for next year.
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  2. by   career12
    Ok people, from time to time I frequent this forum, and though I currently live in NYC I did also apply to GPC (spring '09) as my husband is getting a transfer and we would have to relocate. Now I must say ALL, I repeat ALL schools have their issues, that is a fact. NO nursing program is a walk in the park, no matter what state you are in. Even the university that I currently attend has its negative reviews in terms of their nursing program, sometimes when people hear things they are shocked and say "....that school?" But you have to learn to tune people out and make it work for you. The way people speak about GPC should not hinder anyone's decision to go there. We all have different ways that we process information and what may not have worked out well for one person may end up being another persons ticket to success. Get with the program people, we do have freedom of speech but I thought that we were all here to encourage each other and be a support system for one another. By the way has anyone even checked their NCLEX pass rate for the year to date???? (from previous posts they seem to have a great track record of having a 100% pass rate). That my friends should speak for the school.
  3. by   rif2b
    I agree with you. i personally have and will consider GPC as one of the schools to attend not only for their pass rate, but also they are a great affordable college. And as soon as i complete my cores, GPC is on my list. I also believe this forum nor anything else should not hinder one's choice of college (it hasn't hindered mine). I think everyone is entitled to their opinion and I personally don't let it bother me. However, some people do take these comments alittle too offensive.
  4. by   career12
    I'm glad that it hasn't hindered your decision, because only you can decide what will work out best for you. And true some people do take offense to certain comments, I think that's because the previous posters felt as though certain comments were being made by people who have never attended GPC to have the "GPC experience" themselves. Yet they spoke and made their comments with such convictions as if they had experienced it themselves, when truth be told, it was just all through word of mouth in which they spoke and I think that annoyed a lot of people. How can you judge a book by it's cover? It's one thing to speak on experience but it's another to speak on hear say. Anywho....moving along I think you'll do great and there are tons of us here rooting for you. Good luck
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  5. by   keeoh
    Sorry if this is a little off-topic but is it possible for one to have a full-time job and be able to attend GPC. I understand that I will be starting with pre-reqs as a Second degree student but I will be starting Spring 2009 and have not decided as to whether I will attend part-time or full-time. I work nights so i figured I would be able to handle a part-time schedule. Is this even possible? II am prepared for the challenges but being that I dont have a science background I dont know what to expect. I've always worked througth college but they were part-time day jobs as opposed to full-time...Help!!

    If there's anyone going to GPC with a full time job i'd LOVE to hear from you. Thanks

    p.s I support has to be hussy...mommy might contribute a lil though...i can go on and on :typing
  6. by   dreamon
    The 100% pass rate was discussed in this thread or another, and a few former students stated that was because many of the students dropped out or transferred. Is that a good sign? I'm doubtful. I'm not saying no one should go to the school- but I am certainly on the fence about it. If I applied to the program and got in then found out it is as bad as others have mentioned, I will be even more depressed because I was warned and did not heed the experiences of others.

    Good luck everyone- I am hoping beyond hope things get better in the next 2 years before I can apply to any NS.
  7. by   ga girl
    Keeoh and Dreamon-

    To start, I am a recent graduate of GPC.

    Keeoh- I would not reccommend working full time at all. I did work part time and you can def do that- alot of people did. It is just too much to do full time work and full time school esp a nursing program. Your time will be consumed with studying and making sure your work is done. Oh and you have to sleep too LOL I would even have to miss family functions at times.....all worth it??? HECK YEAH

    Dreamon- Re: the 100% NCLEX pass rate. Honestly I think GPC just graduated a bigger class than they have in awhile so I dont think the 100% pass rate is b/c of the drop out rate as you referenced someone else saying. I think it is this: The regular exams and every exam you take at GPC is NCLEX oriented. The questions are worded like you see alot on NCLEX. When I studied for regular exams, I used the books and notes of course but I also quizzed myself using the SAUNDERS NCLEX review books (green and blue). I think doing that prepares you even more for NCLEX. And it obviously works

    Yeah the school is freakin hard and yeah there was alot of stuff we dealt with that was ridiculous at times LOL but I am sure alot of nursing schools are like that. I can say I am WELL prepared to be a nurse Good Luck
  8. by   enjoyinglife
    Hello All

    I am currently in my 2nd year @ GPC. I must say that they are making strides to make the program much better. We curently have @ least 150 studdents this year. Yes we have suffered some casualities and of course there will be more that may leave us before the semester is complete.

    Sure the program is tough but anything worth while will be tough. But that is my opinion. This program requires alot of hard and very thick skin. So, if nursing is something you want and you attend GPC be prepared to put in some long study days, alot of sweat, blood and tears.
  9. by   able2009
    Did anyone go full time to take their prerequisites at GPC?
  10. by   serenity2003
    I am taking my pre rq at GPC now, I still do not understand why I have to take mat 1101?
  11. by   nursinginga
    Hi Serenity
    You may want to check with the school about the MATH 1101. I was able to substitute this for another math course that was at the same level or above. I ended up taking College Algebra.

    This is one of the prerequisites required for all majors.
  12. by   lmb13
    Has anyone applied for the Fall 2009 semester?
  13. by   RammerJammer 37
    I would like to get some info about GPC's nursing program. I already have a BA from the U of Alabama. I would like to talk to someone in person about what I need to do (what will transfer, etc). I am signed up to take Bio 1611 / L and Psych 1101 starting next week. Does anyone know of someone helpful that I can talk to? Will be on the Dunwoody campus. Thanks in advance!!