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Hopefully, we are getting close to hearing something. I wanted to start a new thread and see if anyone wanted to play the waiting game for fall ADN Program. We've been waiting since April 1st and... Read More

  1. by   fsu93
    Hey guys! Congratulations to all of you that got in!! I didn't get in either! I will be heading to Rome! I'm disappointed but grateful to be going to nursing school at all!! See you all next week!!!
  2. by   kbdolphin28
    Dallas- i'm so sorry you didn't get in. But everything happens for a reason. Hopefully you can still take your classes there.
  3. by   fsu93
    One other thing. A friend of mine already knows her long day in Rome. Has anyone else found out their long day? I asked her on FB how she found out, but haven't heard back from her yet!!
  4. by   Jaymesing
    Congrats to all of you that got the scholarship! I am so excited about getting it, but also sad for those who didn't. Everything does happen for a reason and you guys will probably get an awesome job right out of school that pays more than what we will be making...and it will be your choice. The are good things and bad about this opportunity, so keep your heads up. :wink2:
  5. by   kbdolphin28
    We are going to have a awesome study group!!!!
    I am so happy!!!
  6. by   hobo1020
    I talked to Mrs. Ree* and she gave me the number to the lady in charge of Wellstar and she said wednesday we will be there from 9 to 4 because there is so much to cover, and she said she would call me back with out definite schedule.

    Congrats everyone,
    and I hope the rest of you still try to go to marietta with us! I would miss you if you don't!
  7. by   HayleyBeth42
    Email from CW when I asked her if I was 100% in (since earlier this week she said I was in pending a background check):

    "Throw a party. You are in!

    Call me if you have any questions. A more detailed e-mail will follow in the next 2 days.

  8. by   ghc2011
    Everyone check your e-mail I just received my assigned prof., schedule and class notes! Let me know if anyone gets Dr. Brock. Which one was she?
  9. by   HayleyBeth42
    Email I just got about Marietta:

    I know if I sent the information out, someone would get a message from Wellstar. It really doesn't change anything except that the long day is on Wednesday. You will be get anything email from Mrs. Amason probably next Monday.
    The content is still the same.
    Dr. Br*ck"
  10. by   hobo1020
    I have Dr. Brock too.
  11. by   HayleyBeth42
    Hobo - you are in Marietta, right? So you really have Ama$on.
  12. by   hobo1020
    That makes sense, Dr. Br*ck's email said I was in her group, but I should have thought about it. lol
  13. by   kaylan9
    Hey y'all....I found this thread while looking through this site, wish I had found it sooner! Anyway, I am going to be in Marietta too but got the email that I am in Dr. Brocks are they just going to send us an updated one? I was a little confused. thanks!!