Georgia Highlands College Waiting Game! - page 88

Hopefully, we are getting close to hearing something. I wanted to start a new thread and see if anyone wanted to play the waiting game for fall ADN Program. We've been waiting since April 1st and... Read More

  1. by   HopeForMelissa
    Ok...for everyone who has asked about what is in each kit. I brought that paper with me today that they gave us at registration. This is what that paper says...


    30 cc vial of NaCl (2 each), alcohol preps (10 each), TB syringes (2 each), 3 ml syringes (25x1) (2 each), U 100 insulin syringes (2 each), 1 large ziplock bag

    IV KIT:

    22 gauge angiocatheter (2 each), Luerlock male adapter plugs (2 each), IV start kit (1 each), roll of transpore tape (1 each)


    Carrying case, bandage scissors, pen light, weighted tuning fork, Taylor hammer, CPR microshield, clear plastic ruler 6 inches/cm, blood pressure cuff


    needs to include both adult and pediatric diaphragms and bells
  2. by   dallasga123
    I wonder why we need insulin syringes? Surely, we will not be using those on each other?.?.?.?.
  3. by   kbdolphin28
    Maybe so we can practice drawing up NcCl...etc???
  4. by   dallasga123
    Has anyone started reading yet? I came home Wednesday and was playing w/ my assessment kit and stethoscope. I glanced over health assessment and thats been all I've did.
  5. by   HopeForMelissa
    I should receive the rest of my books in the mail this afternoon. Then I'm going to start reading the Health Assessment stuff that pertains to vital signs and assessments, because she said we would be doing that on the first day.
  6. by   dallasga123
    So melissa, you will be finished w/the book on Sunday? JK. You seem like you are really on top of things.
  7. by   Starrdan2
    Carol just called me..............i got the scholarship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yay!!!!!!
  8. by   HopeForMelissa
    Congratulations Starr!!!!!! :icon_hug: :clphnds: :rckn:

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of you too.
  9. by   Starrdan2
    me too!!!!!!!!! I so pray that we ALL get in!
  10. by   momerz
    Congrats Starr!! I got the scholarship too!!
  11. by   kbdolphin28
    Yay!!!! Starr I am so happy for you!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!
    I just got a text from holly....she got in too!!!
  12. by   kbdolphin28
    I got in!!!!!!!! She just called me~!!!!!!
  13. by   Starrdan2
    tbs and holly!