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Hopefully, we are getting close to hearing something. I wanted to start a new thread and see if anyone wanted to play the waiting game for fall ADN Program. We've been waiting since April 1st and... Read More

  1. by   HopeForMelissa
    Quote from freddysgrandmother
    Congrats Melissa on that A! I'm taking Clinical Cal also, but doing the online/self taught version. We have to go in the 21st to take a test in the classroom, all the rest are online. So far I have an A in there. I'm also taking med. terminology this summer and I'm terrified to take that test! There are a zillion words parts for them to choose from to ask you. It is overwhelming.
    I'm also signed up for the CVTC CPR class, I thought about going to Buford, but could never arrange a sitter for this week.

    Does anyone know if we have to pay tuition when we register or if it's later?

    Thanks! I took the Medical Terminology class last summer and absolutely loved it! It was so much fun. I don't remember the tests being very hard. From what I remember, the majority of the test was multiple choice and then there were some questions at the end where you would have to fill in the correct medical term. I guess I enjoyed that class so much because that was the first class that I took that I actually felt like I was learning SOMETHING that actually had to do with nursing stuff. lol I need to start reviewing that stuff.

    You and I and Hobo will all be in the same class.
  2. by   hobo1020
    Another person who will be at the CPR class is someone who is applying for the January admission.

    I just ordered all of the books except two off of Amazon for $530 inc/ shipping. I think that's a great deal considering they would cost around $1100 from the bookstore and most of them are new just a few a softback which is lighter anyways then hardback. I have tabers already from my med term class i took two semesters ago.
  3. by   Starrdan2
    I must be missing do you all know what books we need?
  4. by   HopeForMelissa
    I don't think you are required to pay tuition at registration. There will probably be a later date before classes start that tuition will be due. It should show up on your "student bill" in your BANNER/SCORE after you are registered.
  5. by   HopeForMelissa
    Quote from Starrdan2
    I must be missing do you all know what books we need?

    Starr...I can't remember if you said that you have taken classes at GHC before or not. GHC's website has BANNER/SCORE, which is where all of your student account stuff shows up including tuition, student bills, transcripts, etc. Also, there is a link on the GHC website for you to go to the campus bookstore. It will ask you what semester, and what class you are looking for. Just choose "Fall semester" and then choose "Nursing 1101" and you can view the list of required and suggested texts.
  6. by   HopeForMelissa
    I just spoke with a lady that just graduated from the program and she said that you are not assigned to a lab partner. You get to chooose.

    Also, I emailed the director of nursing this morning and asked her about the Mon thru Thursday schedule, asking her to confirm that for me, and she said that it depends on what section you are in. One section does go Mon-Thursday and the other does not. That was it....she did not elaborate. ?????
  7. by   dallasga123
    That's good news about the lab partners....Too bad she didn't elaborate about the other section....I wonder?????
  8. by   Starrdan2
    Just wanting to verify that I understand the length of the essay..all 3 questions must be no more than 2 pages. Not each question, correct? I have been working on this all day. I can't think!!!!
  9. by   HopeForMelissa
    I just spoke with the admin sec to clarify the confusion, and she said that even she didn't know that they were going to start putting the first semester students into sections. So, she put me on hold while she asked Dr. R**s. Dr. R**s confirmed it and said that they had not firmed up what the schedule of the other section would be yet. The admin sec told me that we should know when we register (whatever day you picked to go register) what section/schedule we would have.

    I can only ASSume that that means we all won't be going through the program as "one". We will be separated into groups. ??????

    I'm hoping this doesn't turn into a big mess of confusion, because the admin sec didn't even know about it until I called and even after asking Dr. R**s seemed to be a little aloof of how it was going to work. :uhoh21:
  10. by   Starrdan2
    Another question about the essay, does it need to be double spaced?
  11. by   Starrdan2
    I am just wondering how we are going to register if we don't know if we will be going to the marietta program????? By the way, I have just finished the essay!!!! I am going to turn in my application tomorrow.
  12. by   freddysgrandmother
    more than one section STINKS for me... I hope there's room in both so I can register for the one I want when I get back from Vacation. I would skip out on the vacation, but DH and I go to the same place - same week every year with his whole family but in different rooms. We paid our deposit last year and we've missed the cut off for canceling and getting a refund. If we cancel we loose our $500 deposit. If we go on vacation, we at least get our deposit money back b/c I'm not booking for next year not knowing what my schedule would be. AHHHH!
  13. by   HopeForMelissa
    They weren't really clear about how it was going to work either. I don't know if we are going to get to choose the "section" we are put in or if they will choose for us. ???