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Hopefully, we are getting close to hearing something. I wanted to start a new thread and see if anyone wanted to play the waiting game for fall ADN Program. We've been waiting since April 1st and... Read More

  1. by   kbdolphin28
    I know, I hear ya Kaylan!!! I bought a cute digital watch at Walmart for 9$..and of course it is pink
    Yep, ill be there at 830 after my starbucks stop!!!
  2. by   kbdolphin28
    Courtney-just print off the stuff that Brock sent us. I think we are just doing vitals tomorrow, so make sure you bring your kit!!!
  3. by   cjohn172
    i bought mine through HANS, so they better bring it for me lol
  4. by   kbdolphin28
    Ok guys, I am gonna try and get some sleep tonite!!!! See you all in the morning!!!!
  5. by   freddysgrandmother
    I just checked and my vista is working!!
  6. by   cjohn172
    Uhmm.. will you try to log into your score account and tell me if that works???? Anyone...
  7. by   freddysgrandmother
    So... how was Marietta?
  8. by   HopeForMelissa
    Courtney, my Score is working.

    How was the first day for the Marietta folks? We had a good first day....can't wait to get naked with the lab partners tomorrow for our rectal exams. haha

    Do you guys like your instructors? One of our instructors doesn't look like she is even 30 years old, but she said that she had been a nurse for 20 years and was a flight nurse for the Air Force!!!! That is so cool.

    We missed you Marietta girls today!!!
  9. by   HayleyBeth42
    We had a good day...trying to work out the glitches still. I like Ms. Ama$on and Ms. Kai$ner a lot. Lots of reading to do tonight...
  10. by   kbdolphin28
    I really love the Marietta campus, and our teachers!!! Yes, lots of reading tonite!!!
    Hey, has anyone from the Marietta campus checked Vista to see if they changed you to the Marietta campus?? It still shows Maddox on mine, and all I can print out is the Rome notes. If anyone has access to the Marietta notes/stuff for tomorrow, would you mind emailing them to me??
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  11. by   SophiaO
    Mine still has the Rome instructor on it too! :Crash: So Haley...I guess we should just read and forget about posting on the discussion board! I cant wait for you to play your part tomorrow!
    It was a good day..Im going to do blood pressures on my hubby tonight
    See ya all tomorrow!
  12. by   hobo1020
    I am so glad today is over because now I feel we can get into our routines. I am still showing for Rome too.
  13. by   kaylan9
    SURPRISE! my shows rome as well