Georgia Highlands College Fall 2018 Applicants - page 6

Is anyone else applying for the Georgia Highlands traditional program for Fall 2018? Just wanting to get feelers out there. Put my application in today and feeling a little nervous.... Read More

  1. by   Laketoon
    Congrats everyone! !!! I'm in too ☺
  2. by   TitilolaP
    Does anyone know if there will be a white coat ceremony? If so, when?
  3. by   mnolasco
    Don't know about the white coat ceremony, but has anyone gotten the ACEMAPP email???
  4. by   TitilolaP
    Yup, received it today!
  5. by   arudesea
    I received the ACEMAPP email yesterday! I hand delivered my acceptance response this morning. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone on July 17th!
  6. by   RBWDE
    I haven't yet gotten the ACEMAPP E-mail. Not sure what order they're sending it in. My friend got it today
  7. by   mnolasco
    So I emailed the lady in charge of clinical placement and she said they're sending the email when they receive your confirmation to attend and your passport photo.
  8. by   mnolasco
    Would anyone be interested in starting/joining a Facebook group for our class? We can put names to faces and ask questions that I'm sure we all hace!
  9. by   RBWDE
    I contacted her a couple days ago and she had them re-send mine.
  10. by   Sin.saron
    I'm open to a facebook group.
  11. by   mnolasco
    Log into Facebook | Facebook

    Here's the link to join! Hope it works
  12. by   mnolasco
    If that doesn't work search for GHC Nursing students-2018
  13. by   brandeholm83
    So excited to meet you all!