Frustration with getting Ga!

  1. I currently have a SC license (for RN ) and am trying to get a GA license (for RN). I have not practiced in SC, and received it about mid -April. I sent my application for GA license and it was received by the Board on April 20. I have 5 "x"'s remaining and am getting anxious and frustrated with how long it is taking. It took about 1 week and 1/2 just to be able to register with the NURSYS people.

    Has anyone else had an issue? Is there anything I can do?

    I just want my number asap b/c I have a dream job on another floor waiting on me. I cannot start orientation on that floor until my lisence number posts. Until then, I will continue to be a PCA (nurse assistant) on my current floor.

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  3. by   srg4784
    That sucks, I may be in the same boat your in. I goto school in SC and plan on moving to ATL right after taking my boards. I'm hoping I can sit for my boards in GA and jst become licensed there....does anyone know of being able to do this?
  4. by   MsDorsey
    Don't be frustrated!! The endorsement process took approxiamately 3 weeks for me. The board received my info on 4/3 or 4/4. My license was issued on 4/20, but it took about 3-4 days for number to actually show up on the online verification site. The process actually was quicker than I thought. I thought I would have to wait until the board meeting which is 5/16 - 5/18. Be patient!! Their probably receiving lots of applications right now with everyone graduating. Good Luck and hang in there.
  5. by   swartzrn
    Hey, I did the same thing but had an Alabama license and applied for a GA license by endorsement. It took several weeks but it went through without difficulty. It's only been close to a month since they received your application so I'm sure you'll be getting it soon! Good luck!
  6. by   jamangel
    I hold both georgia and south carolina licenses. I initially had a Ga license and at that time weren't paying that great here so I drove to columbia sc )just an hour drive for me) and got a temporary permit and worked in sc. I worked there a while and allowed my Ga license to lapse and that I will NEVER do again. I said all that to say that I found out in the process that Georgia does not meet frequently to address licensure. It's like every 3 months depending on whether you're a new applicant or endorsement. Don't get discouraged because you don't know how close to that meeting time you are. Did you call the board. When my girlfriend reinstated it took 2 months when I reinstated it took one. Where's the job you want?
  7. by   carolinagirl68
    I have not practiced nursing in 14 years. I was licensed (RN) in SC then and now live in GA. I only had a license in SC - I never practiced in GA. I was told by both SC and GA within the past few months that I would need to reactivate my SC license before asking GA for endorsement. To reactivate, SC requires me to take a refresher course...a good thing after being out so long. I just found out today that the GA board of nursing has a clause that if you took a refresher course in a different state to obtain your license AND do not have 500 hours of practice the last 4 or 5 years, then they would not endorse you. I am beyond frustrated. The SC board of nursing has 3 schools that they approve their refresher course - none are in GA. So, despite wanting to get re-licensed and willing to go through a refresher course that is approved by my original license state, GA won't accept it b/c of my lack of experience recently. You think with the nursing shortage that they wouldn't want to hinder RNs getting back into the field! Any advice on how to do this? I've emailed my head instructor at the SC school (Greenville Tech) where I am registered to take the refresher course to see if they have faced this before.

    If you have dealt with this issue before, please advise!

    Also, we have a military base nearby - would I be able to work on it with my SC RN license even though it is in GA? I wasn't sure if it counted as a federal area, not a state area.
  8. by   november17
    My Georgia license took precisely 15 business days (as stated on the application form). On the morning of the 16th business day, I had an email saying I had been approved. It all happened at once. They of course didn't waste any time cashing my check though :chuckle
  9. by   renge1
    I can relate to you...I move around often and usually 1 month before my move i would apply for license by endorsement to the state i was moving to and when i arrived to the particular state my license would be waiting for me.....Well, I did the same thing upon moving to GA....I applied for my GA license in July 1, 2000 moved to GA in Aug 1, 2000 and did not get my GA license until Oct 31st... I kept calling the state that i moved from (colorado) and they would tell me they did everything that they on there end so GA must be the hold up...I tell you, that was the longest wait of my life. I could not get a job anywhere, no even fast food places.....but just FYI you can work at VA with a license from any state. I found that out after I got my GA of luck to you...Linda
  10. by   carolinagirl68
    Thanks for your encouragement. I've figured out the VA/government option which I can pursue after I get my SC license. Elizabeth
  11. by   Honnte et Srieux
    Sounds like a mixed bag.

    I waited months for my GA endorsement...I'm a patient sort of fellow. When I followed up to find out the delay, they claimed they didn't have an item which I had submitted. I pointed out that I would be happy to resubmit the item they needed, but that I was troubled by the fact that they cashed my check and then refused to review my application based on a missing item...and then failed to contact me to notify my of my application status.

    I resubmitted the item, and waited several weeks again, and when I didn't hear anything, I recontacted them and told them that they had to understand that I was being patient, but my employment was dependent on my license. They were suddenly gracious, and they issued a license in a week.

    I suppose I thought it was not as smooth as I thought, but they seemed to work toward accomodation when problems were addressed.