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Hi there! I'm coming out of lurkdom again. :) I got my acceptance letter to Emory over the holidays. I'm very excited about attending Fall 2006! I have two pre-reqs left to complete and I'm... Read More

  1. by   kattunge
    Are you guys bringing anything other than a notebook/pen, etc.? Like, no books or anything, right?
  2. by   ak127
    Well, I'm bringing that big bag because it will have my nursing fundamentals book in it that I need to return to the senior who sold it to me, its an old edition and the new edition is (for once) substantially different.
    Bring your checkbook for superstore! My friend is running it and she says this is the cheapest place you'll find anywhere for your supplies b/c they bought in BULK.
  3. by   kattunge
    I have a lot of supplies already...I have a Littman stethescope, a sphygmomonometer, the pocket thingy with the penlight, bandage scissors, etc. Guess I'll need to see what else they require.

    I did see this really cool clipboard one time that had a calculator up on the top and med notes on the board part. Very cool.
  4. by   ak127
    I admit, I bought my stethoscope online because I wanted my name on it! I hear they have a tendency to walk.
  5. by   kattunge
    Yep...I'd like to get a tag for mine.

    Can you shop at the ESNA store even if you're not an ESNA member yet? I won't be getting my membership until the end of the week.
  6. by   ak127
    Yes! The store is for everybody. You don't have to join at all to buy items from them.
  7. by   droopy1592
    You guys make me feel unprepared... I'll be totally lost tomorrow.

    They really wanted me to stay at my old job. 2002 I was number 1 in the region in performance, a year later number 3, and now they have consolidated all of the work to two centers and I'm pretty much number 1ish 2ish (out of about 200) so to have your best worker up and leave and have him have knowledge that most others don't possess is a big blow. He even offered a management position but I don't like the way they have to operate and with the hours they work they actually made less than us with overtime. Managment made about 60-65k and I was on track to make 72k w/ a base of 56k if I had decided to stay. It's not all about the money though. I was laid off before for two years (this is how i did my pre-reqs) with low seniority in a union represented job... I don't plan on getting laid off again especially with ATT/SBC/Bellsouth all merging. Besides, I plan on going to advanced practice (NP or CRNA) after two years.
  8. by   droopy1592
    post the link to the dookie chart thread..
  9. by   stobbe
    I have a question:

    Did all of you take out loans to pay for an education at Emory?

    I am planning to begin my prereq's in Jan 07 at Kennesaw State to apply to their Nursing program, but notice such a HUGE difference in tuition costs. I mean, is it pretty normal to spend over $50,000 on a nursing education? Just curious, because I have heard great things about Emory and KSU's program, but cannot believe the difference in costs....

  10. by   droopy1592
    you'll never know until you apply for financial aid. Some do, some don't... depends on gpa and need. If your family has cash, you probably will. If you have nothing at all and do the Neat program, you might get most of the money you need without loans.