Emory BSN Fall 2014 Applicants

  1. Hi all. The application for Emory's BSN program recently became available. I am SO excited to finally be at this point after taking pre-reqs for 2.5 years! I am hoping to connect with other Emory hopefuls during this nerve wracking process! Anyone else planning to apply for next Fall?
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  3. by   meeep
  4. by   RNfouts
    I just submitted my Emory application today! I am really nervous though because I am still waiting for one letter of recommendation! I am about to start notifying him every other day until the 15th! Have you submitted yours yet?

    I am wondering how soon they start accepting people!
  5. by   meeep
    I am waiting on one as well and it has me frantic! Last year, people started hearing around Feb. 20 or so. Officially, they say March 1.
  6. by   mgfam
    As long as you write a good essay, finish all required courses, maintain a good GPA, roughly over 3.5, you will have a great chance.
  7. by   meeep
    My last recommender submitted at like midnight on the 15th after being completely unresponsive for days. I about had a heart attack. Now the waiting begins!
  8. by   RNfouts
    I am still waiting for him to send the recommendation!!! What is a nice way of saying "You are screwing me over". lol. I can't change my prof either. lol. Waiting is the worst, but we will all be really good at it by the end of this semester! Good luck
  9. by   meeep
    Oh my god, I would flip out! Are they accepting late materials?
  10. by   Etomidating
    I also have applied to Emory for Fall 2014. I hope I get in! I know it can be extremely expensive but I have been told it is worth it once you graduate! Best of luck!
  11. by   foun_10
    i am a fall 2014 hopeful as well, and i am dying to hear whether we get in! i keep checking, and i know it's not going to be there because it isn't even february yet haha. this is the most nerve-wracking experience ever! good luck everyone!
  12. by   meeep
    Haha me too, the wait is intense!
  13. by   Etomidating
    Did any of you submit your TEAS score with your application? I know it was optional; therefore, I chose not to submit it. I did not do bad on it, I just decided I would let my gpa, essay and recommendations portray my character.
  14. by   meeep
    I did, as I was told it would strengthen the application and I had to take it for other schools anyway. I probably didn't need to as my GPA, resume, and recs are above average, but I didn't want to take any chances. At the very least, it doesn't hurt to submit it.