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Hey everyone! I just wanted to start a thread for those of us who have been accepted to the ABSN/MSN program at Emory. I thought it would be helpful in discussing preparations for next year and... Read More

  1. by   danceluver
    Quote from T-Dasha
    There are pluses and minuses to each program....BSN vs ABSN. Example BSN students have the opportunity to do summer externships. But as an ABSN student we have all get to do 2 weeks of an international summer immersion trip at no cost to us. Yes...Bahamas, Dominican Republic, or Jamaica for FREE! And there are many more pluses to the ABSN program that I could dive into however the biggest advantage is that I'm almost done and I'll be graduating at the end of the summer instead of the BSN class who has another 16 months of school left.
    Curious though, you wouldn't start you MSN part until the following fall or would you start in spring? Does it give you more time to decompress and mentally prepare for the next portion of the program, meaning is that the benefit? (vs BSN-MSN segue program where you only get that summer to pass the NCLEX, etc)?
  2. by   mandawyatt
    @danceluver it says in the program description that the ABSN goes 15 months, it ends in August and the MSN starts in October. So you have 6 weeks to study and pass the NCLEX.
  3. by   T-Dasha
    Okay Wow! You guys just threw a ton of questions at me. LOL!

    But I don't mind answering at all. I was in your shoes just a year ago and I know how exciting this time can be and how many unanswered questions there also are.

    1. The immersion trip happens during your last semester. That way you will have developed your clinical nursing skills and can contribute to the patient care. You get to rank your choices but its up to the professors to place you. Also beside the 3 international locations there are also 3 stateside locations: Moultrie, GA; Atlanta, GA; and West Virginia. Each locations focuses on something different. Example the Dominican Republic focuses on midwifery and Moultrie, GA focuses on the migrant farm workers which is great for those who specialize in Family.

    2./3. As I understand there aren't any students from the previous ABSN class who are working currently while in their Master's. It may be difficult to work during the Master's because you have class 2 days a week and clinical which normally take up at least 2-3 days a week. So it may be difficult to find an employer who will be willing to work around that schedule. I know there are several people in my class who would like to work during the Master's and so they may decide to do the Master's program part-time so that they can work. The first ABSN/MSN class will graduate from the Master's portion in August so right now it is unknown if they have had difficulty finding employment.
  4. by   T-Dasha

    1. Yes, last year's ABSN class had about 8 people decide not to continue into the Master's. Yes, you will be awarded a BSN in August whether you decide to continue or not.

    2. Everyone in my class lives off campus. About 1/3 of my classmates are married and about 1/3 of my classmates live together in a house-share or apartment share.

    3. Most of the time we study independently. However, when there is a test coming up then temporary groups will form. And last semester my clinical group (about 7 people) decided to form a study group together for one particular class.

    4. Even though Emory does have a beautiful campus. I'll be honest with you.....95% of your time will be spent in the School of Nursing or the Cafe...and possibly the library. The way the campus is designed all the healthcare buildings are on one side of the campus. So you really don't have a reason to venture into main campus with the exception of when you're going to Emory University hospital for clinicals.
  5. by   T-Dasha
    @mandawyatt - Yes everyone does participate in the immersion trip its apart of your grade for your community health class.

    @danceluver - For the ABSN program you graduate the first week in August and you start the MSN program about the 3 week in August. So you have about 2.5 weeks to decompress. With the BSN-MSN Segue program then you May, June, July, and part of August to decompress and study for the NCLEX. When you're in the ABSN program then you take the NCLEX usually around August/September. You must have passed the NCLEX by the time that you begin your Master's level clinicals. Also....keep in mind that if you want to take a semester or two off between the Bachelors and Masters then you must reapply to the program.
  6. by   ayti
    Thanks T-Dasha. Sorry for overwhelming you with questions! Just curious about a lot of things.
  7. by   mellzie22
    Do all of your admission decisions show up in OPUS? I was wait listed and then got a message on my phone saying a decision has not been made and on OPUS it says it is not available. Just wondering if it said not available for everyone or if something weird was happening with mine.
  8. by   bluecloud
    Mine says admitted on OPUS. I would think that would be a good reason to call and ask them about it if it still states that on Monday.
  9. by   jmcdaniel479
    Mine also says admitted and I was able to view the online decision letter.

    Has anyone figured out their living arrangements for the summer? The letter says to secure on campus housing but where?

    I will be moving to Atlanta this summer from Mississippi so I am trying to prepare myself. Amy suggestions for safe apartments near Emory?
  10. by   bluecloud
    The area right around Emory is very safe and nice neighborhood. Also nearby neighborhoods that are great:
    Candler Park (around McLendon Avenue)
    downtown Decatur area
    all down North Druid Hills Rd near campus (lots of apartment complexes on this road, convenient to campus)
    etc etc

    Wish I could name exact complexes, but there is also an off-campus housing board for Emory campus, for roommates, houses, and such:

  11. by   jmcdaniel479
    Thanks!! I plan to look around this weekend.. I so excited about Friday! Can't wait to meet everyone. Is anyone is concerned about the financial aid package? I'll be submitting my CSS profile tomorrow. Sooooooo many questions.For those who currently attend Emory, how are you able to pay for living expenses off campus? Do most students work or live off loan money? I don't know about anyone else but my parents will not be funding any parts of my education. I claimed independent on my FAFSA and my parents income is only $85,000 a year. Hope I receive a decent amount of aid. Really looking forward to attending this summer.
  12. by   mandawyatt
    Quote from jmcdaniel479
    Is anyone is concerned about the financial aid package? I'll be submitting my CSS profile tomorrow.
    Hi! I am also worried about financial aid. I am 34 and married, so it doesn't matter what my parents make, and my husband has a GREAT job, but we are pretty much floating at even right now. My biggest worry is having to take out more student loans than my HOUSE is worth. But my husband is VERY supportive and he says we are going for it, so we are. Katie Kennedy in Admissions/Financial Aid for the nursing school said that they have need based and merit based aid to award and that is not common for students to not enter the program because of money.

    I did ask about cost of supplies and stuff and she said to expect books for the summer to cost around $1800 and that there is a very expensive piece of software that we have to have for our phone that costs about $600. She is trying to get that rolled into tuition and fees though. So, we do have to have a smart phone if you don't have one. Which I don't.

    @T-Dasha - Do you know what kinds of phone students have right now and which phone company people like the best? I have Sprint and I can't get service in my HOUSE, so not sure about in the hospital, although my DH has a smart phone and he gets service everywhere, so it might just be my crap phone.

    Thanks! :-)
  13. by   OneChance
    hey everyone,
    Can someone tell me what the average gpa for accepted students from last yr?....overall gpa and math and science gpa...?
    Also if you all dont mind sharing...what are your stats....I'm patiently still waiting and got more nervous when I found out today that there has been over 400+ application so far....