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So I had a VERY NEGATIVE initial contact with this college. Through just ONE conversation it's apparent that this school is a for-profit. After calling the school I was transferred to their Atlanta... Read More

  1. by   ebrooks1013
    How many people were in the class vs how many have taken it
  2. by   catdawg
    Quote from ebrooks1013
    How many people were in the class vs how many have taken it
    12 and 2
  3. by   hibasajid
    When others r planing to take Nclx.
  4. by   bellamia1015
    Quote from NursingStudentTutu
    I am wondering the same thing I need applicable time to plan accordingly, ughhh>
    I think we will all be hearing something soon. I was hoping to hear back sooner than a few weeks before classes would start. Especially because they don't post their class times like other colleges do. So let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope that everything goes well.
  5. by   bellamia1015
    Quote from catdawg
    Yeah one of the places went under new ownership in December, and the clinical contract was with the old owner, so those students have clinicals at school in the simulation lab, which some nursing programs use for their clinicals anyway. I go to my clinical every week, though. My class was split up into three different sites. We had a lot of fun last week since it was our first time. And our site instructor is a really good teacher. If I was one of the people whose site got canceled I might have a different attitude, but I haven't run into those problems in my course of study so I'm having a good time.
    Yea my neighbor explained that to me about the new owner thing. How are you clinicals going? What are the times you have to go? Do you have patho also?
  6. by   bellamia1015
    Quote from catdawg
    The way I understand it (which could be wrong haha) is that schools have a probationary period where they will be inspected, reviewed, staff, administration, students interviewed, etc. If all checks out, including students passing the NCLEX, then they should gain accreditation. Which so far there's a 100% pass rate for the first graduating class!
    That is correct I believe. I went to an accredited school for public health and they had to go through the same process for accreditation through the CEPH, which accredits public health schools and programs. And I know several nurses and they say once you get the license, the actual degree is kind of on the back burner, but I guess then the BSN will eventually come into play.
  7. by   bellamia1015
    Quote from catdawg
    I didn't have to because I took a similar course my first year of undergrad. I know one other person with a 4-year degree that did have to take that because she didn't have a class like that. I believe it's only a one-hour class once a week, though. Transferring in classes will definitely help. There have been times when I had one physical class and one online class, when classmates had 4! I couldn't imagine!
    That actually sucks that they made her take a class on College Success, when she already has a degree. She should have argued for that, because to me that doesn't make sense.
  8. by   ebrooks1013
    Does anyone know the sequence of classes?
  9. by   ebrooks1013
    Can.someone else call besides me to see if they made final selections yet? They are probably tired of hearing my voice lol. As of monday she said they haven't. I'm getting worried
  10. by   famuchica
    I have been calling and they are getting tired of me too! Last week they said they made the first cut and the final cut would be this week. I just don't understand who can get their life rearranged in a matter of weeks. This is a very "different" process.
  11. by   ebrooks1013
    This is the first time i heard of cuts. I wonder what its based on. It kinda sucks to have to go through all that financial aid stuff and not get in...i applied back in October. The don made it seem like i was in at the interview but now I'm not sure
  12. by   famuchica
    Join the club!! I think everyone felt like they were in, especially after signing all of that financial aid info. I know I have called on a weekly basis since october to find out different things that I STILL have questions about, and I get 8 different answers from 4 different people. The lack of organization is a little annoying. I understand that it's new, but some stuff should just be common knowledge.
  13. by   bellamia1015
    Quote from britishnomore
    No the comp applications class is Thursdays on campus for us from 6-10pm. The patho is one day a week from 9am-12am on Fridays, but it's a blended class so half of it is online. Please know that because this is a new program, you aren't guaranteed to get the same schedule though. For instance the September class will have Microbiology on grounds, where as we had it all online. Also you won't get uniforms until about halfway through the semester. Once you get them though, you will have to wear them every time you have class.
    Hey did you take Microbiology at Bauder? Or did you transfer it in? If you did take it at Bauder how was the class? Thanks