Are there any hospitals that will pay for nursing school?

  1. Are there any hospitals in Atlanta that will pay for Nursing schools in exchange for that you work for a couple of years at that hospital?

    They are called Earn as you learn programs as well,

    Someone plaese let me know.........

    Thank you so much.
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  3. by   blee1
    emory will. theyll pay 1/2 your tuition if you work for them for 2 yrs (NEAT schalorship). they also have a program with Childrens Healthcare of Atl with the same reimbursement. this is only if you attend school at emory, not elsewhere.

    ill be graduation in may from emory and i have the NEAT schalorship. let me know if i can help you out, or just go look at the SON website:
  4. by   wefdm21
    blee1....what is there tuition? do they have a waiting list? how hard was it to get in?
  5. by   blee1
    Quote from wefdm21
    blee1....what is there tuition? do they have a waiting list? how hard was it to get in?
    tuition is right around 28K/yr. no waiting list (at least not that im aware of). i dont think its as competitive as many other programs due to the
    tuition and perception that the program only takes 4.0 overachieving snotty kids. the program is awesome and if i had to do it again, i would. let me know if got any more questions..
  6. by   kattunge
    I'm finishing up my first semester at Emory and I have the NEAT scholarship as well.

    I second what blee said. Emory has a great program and I've really enjoyed this semester.
  7. by   jamangel
    Try the VA hospital
  8. by   flower2007
    Thanx, what is VA Hospital exactly?, nevver heard of it.
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  10. by   ExCorporateRN
    There are a couple of students at Kennesaw State University that are receiving scholarships from Children's Healthcare as well. I would go to the websites of the various hospitals and look under the employment area. Usually there is information about the tuition/employment contract.
  11. by   meri29
    Most area hospitals will offer scholarships and tuition assistance after your first year of nursing school. Many also offer PCT and Nurse Extern positions that will allow you to work PRN while in school (this pays pretty well - most of us earned $11-$15/hr while in school).

    Piedmont Hospital partners with Georgia Baptist College of Nursing and has their Piedmont Scholars program that pays a lot of the GBCN tuition in exchange for working at Piedmont.

    Northside Hospital offers scholarships to rising seniors.

    Gwinnett Medical Center offers scholarships to rising juniors and seniors who participate in their Extern program and/or work as a PCT there.

    I believe Dekalb Medical and CHOA also have scholarship programs. Look at their websites.

    That's all I know of right now in terms of scholarships. There is other aid available. For instance, Atlanta Medical offers $10,000 worth of loan repayment when you work there as an RN.

    Hope this helps!
  12. by   nk1203
    im actually looking for a hospital that will pay for my schooling. do you know of any in florida?
  13. by   8ycarol
    Does anyone know of any direct websites that will direct me in hopitals with (NEAT) scholarships?

  14. by   goodoldroxie
    The State of Georgia also has service-cancellable loans and all you have to do is work in GA at a facility that takes medicare and medicaid. Check out the Georgia Higher Education Assistance Agency.