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I am a sophomore at Kennesaw State University and I'm sure most of you know how ridiculous it can be to get into their program, or any program for that matter. I'm really hoping to hear from some of you to see what your cumulative GPAs were, what your math and science GPAs were, what your TEAS score were, what program you were accepted to, how many times you applied, etc. I'm desperate to know what schools I would have a chance at getting accepted to. I have taken 90% of my prerequisites and made mostly As and Bs but got C's in A&P 1, statistics, and political science. I also got an 82 on the TEAS. If you have any advise for me please let me know! I have worked in a private practice for over a year and have several good letters of recommendation from nurses who have worked in the field for a long time. Please help!


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I applied to UNG, Kennesaw, Emory and GRU. I got into all four.

My overall GPA is a 3.75, Science and Math GPA is a 3.85 and my TEAS was an 85. You can do it!


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Also applying to places that have recommendations/ essays can really help you! It really lets you show your passion about becoming a nurse!

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I applied to Georgia Baptist/Mercer, Georgia State, Emory, and Gordon State. I have gotten in to 3 schools so far. I won't hear from Gordon until the end of April/early May, but I am pretty confident I will get in there as well. My overall GPA is around 3.75, and my math/science GPA is a 4.0. I scored an 82 on the TEAS V. I agree with bsaindon - applying to schools that look at previous healthcare/volunteer/life experience, letters of recommendation, and essays (as opposed to GPA and test scores only), will increase your chances of getting in somewhere. In my experience, the science GPA is weighted heavily, so you may want to retake that A&P not only for a higher grade, but for a more clear understanding of the subject. This is information you will use for your entire nursing career. Good luck!

I only applied to Georgia Southern University. My overall GPA was a 3.8. Science was a 4.0, and I had a 95 on the HESI A2. Got in the first time I applied. I also agree with the other posters! Good luck!

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A and P is a very important and you want the best grade possible, nursing schools really focus on this class. I would advise you to take it over.


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I only applied to GRU & was accepted. My overall gpa is 3.23, math & science 3.27, and an 80 on the teas. I have previous medical experience and tons of volunteer hrs at various hospitals & nursing homes. Plus I am very active in my community. So with that being said, anything is possible when it is based on more than gpa & teas. Because I truly believed i had no chance @ getting accepted.


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That is a lot of really good information! Thank you all so much! I am planning to take my A&P again this summer and really try to bring that grade up. Do any of you know which programs have spring classes as well as fall classes? Also do you all know any information about ASN/ADN programs. I have heard mixed things about the difficulty of being accepted to one of those programs and I am more than willing to apply to one if I could be accepted.

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I went to Georgia highlands and bridges immediately after to BSN at west ga


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@MarthaL since I am planning on retaking a&p1 do you think I would have a shot at GRU? I would love to go there since my mom is an alumn. My letters of recommendation are from a nurse on the admissions board at gwinette tech and from a nurse I got to work with at a private practice. Is there anything I could do to boost my chances of getting accepted?

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