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Hey everyone! I thought I would start a new thread for those who have applied to the New Grad Nurse Residency at Georgetown University Hospital for the spring/summer graduates! I graduate in May and this cohort starts July 22nd if I get accpeted! The application opened up on November 16th and I applied right away, really hoping I get it. It sounds like it's a great program. I applied for the NICU, by the way! What units has anyone else applied for so far?

Hello :) I actually applied for the Winter cohort and was offered a position on one of the pedi units. My start date is in February, but I was really looking for a page like this when I was applying to MGUH, so if anyone stumbles upon here and has questions feel free to ask me! Good luck with your job hunt!

Hey! That is amazing!! I know I will have lots of questions and I am sure others will too so thank you for offering! How long after you applied did you hear back??

So I believe the Winter cohort is a little different - our apps were reviewed on a rolling basis. I applied the day the apps opened (I think it was August 18 or so) and I got contacted within a few days by the recruiter asking if I was interested in interviewing for a specific pedi unit. Everything was at my own pace -- i set up a phone interview at the end of September, they reviewed it and invited me for an in-person interview so I scheduled that for the end of October. I was offered the position early November. So that was my timeline! Again, I think your timeline will be a little different because y'all have an actual set interview day, but I will say Georgetown Nurse Recruitment is very responsive and helpful when you have questions!

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Hey! I also applied for the summer cohort and applied the first day it opens! I have a friend who just accepted a position there for winter. I applied for ER. Might be a stiff one to apply too, but that's the one I'm definitely most passionate about. I have been reading responses and people say they find out end of December if we get an interview.

Hey! That is great, I applied the first day it opened too! I was hoping that would let them know how interested I am. ER sounds like it will be great. And I would love to hear back by the end of Decemeber that would be great! Do you live in the area?

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I thought the exact same thing! They actually emailed me a couple days ago, because my resume and cover letter didn't attach due to some technical difficulties and they said they are starting to look over the applications. I hope it is end of december, I'm already anxious. I live in south florida, what about you?

Oh wow, I got the same email! That is so cool. Well it's good to know they're looking into our applications now! Haha me too. I live in Maryland but go to school in SC! Did you apply to other places in the DC area?

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Right? I just hope they get back to us soon! Oh no way? That is super cool. I only applied for this one in DC, seems like there isn't many new grad jobs open for summer yet.

Hey guys! I applied for placement in the SICU for the July start date as well. I'm from the Towson, Maryland area but finishing up school in North Carolina right now. Fingers crossed we all hear back soon!!

Hey! That's great! Great to meet another aspiring ICU nurse! and yes I'm really hoping we all get some interviews soon! Have you applied anywhere else in the area?

Me too! The application closed on the 14th so I feel like we should be hearing something pretty soon, hopefully! And yea that's true. This application opened REALLY early compared to others. I have a few more in DC and Northern VA that I am keeping an eye out on because they should be posting applications soon!

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