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Trust me, I didn't realize it was rolling either. There was no indication on their website or anywhere else that said so. I was just as surprised to hear so early, especially when I found out they extended the deadline to March 1st. I actually sent in my application (Nursing CAS and the supplemental) back in Oct/Nov ... I think. Or maybe it was December.. I honestly don't remember, but it was back then. So it did take them a couple of months. I did constantly check the status of my application on GW's website, but it kept saying that I had a few missing transcripts. So when I called (about a week before I received my letter), I asked about it and the lady I spoke too said they had everything! Just a heads up to those of you who applied to GW. I think calling would be best, because they are obviously behind on updating their site. =)

I just sent in my deposit for GW to hold my spot .. then I heard from Catholic and got accepted there as well. Surprising, let me tell you. In any case, I'm hoping my luck will continue and transfer through for Georgetown!

The price is a little deterring... but oh well. Here's hoping to loan forgiveness/scholarships/and grants (if applicable). =)


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HI DLRosen,

How did Catholic let you know, if you don't mind sharing. I have been checking my online app, but I can't figure out if they will change my status, send a email or mail something.

Congrats again!



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I actually called to find out because I called a week and a half ago and wazs told then we will be receiving notification in the mail. When that didn't happen, I called. =) they are resending my letter in the mail. So check your mail! Or call... =) good luck!


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I called GW today and they said they hope to have all notifications sent by May 1, but that they're sending/posting letters as they're ready. Not super helpful information...but at least we can check the website whenever we want :-)


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Does anybody know how many applications they received? I think there are still 60 spots in the program, right?


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I honestly have no idea ... does anyone know?


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Sorry to be a stickler, but this is a thread for the Georgetown ABSN. There is a separate thread for the GW ABSN, so maybe someone on that thread knows the answer.

I get excited when I receive a notification that the Georgetown thread has another message, only to be confused and disappointed when I see that most of them are about GW!


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:-) Thanks, LizLemon.

My last question applys to GTown too! How many apps and how many spots? Anybody know?


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i was told they usually accept about 25% of their applicants for the fall term


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Hi Dlrosen,

You received your acceptance letter from GW last week? When did you submit your application? GW is my first choice. What was your overall GPA in your previous degree and in your prereqs? Just trying to figure out what my chances are of getting in.


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Hi clarkc: I received it 2 weeks from now...

here is a link of GWU's thread:, as this is the Georgetown thread and don't want to get into trouble. =) I will message you my stats. Good luck!


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Has anyone heard back from Georgetown yet? I suppose you find out if you are accepted, and then they send you the Washington Hospital App. via email...Can someone clarify please?

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