George Washington Spring ABSN 2014


Hi everyone!

I am new to posting. I am currently in the process of re-applying to GW after being waitlisted for the Spring cohort. The admissions counselor was very helpful with the application process and encouraged me to re-apply. Is there anyone else who is applying for the Spring cohort? Anyone who is re-applying?

Could anyone tell me about how they have enjoyed GW and what made them choose GW?


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Yes, I applied and received my acceptance letter early this week. Good luck! I applied to other schools as well. GWU has a prestigous name, although the program is fairly new they have had a Masters in Nursing program for some time. I love the area and the fact that the class size is small, appoximately 60 students. Did you finish your prereqs?

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I did finish my prereqs. Congrats! Did you apply to the Master's program or the Accelerated program?


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For those who were accepted, how long after did you receive your notification? I sent my application on 9/26/13 and received an email the next day confirming they'd received my application and will update me within 2 weeks. Does the follow up email give you a GW ID?


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I applied late August and have not received a decision yet. I did get an email a couple weeks ago saying my application has been submitted to the Admissions Committee for review.

For those of you accepted, do you know what type of GPA/experience/etc. they want? I have finished 4/6 prereqs & am currently taking the last 2. I feel I have a solid GPA and experience and am hopeful that I will get in.

Any advice or input will help! Thanks :)