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  1. ungxx004

    Seattle University BSN (Transfer) Applicants 2014

    has anyone else heard back today? I did not hear from SU since submitting my application. I don't want to call just yet as I am sure they have been receiving phone calls nonstop, but there was no follow up emails from this program, or another program I'd applied to this year. All of the other programs applied to at least gave me one or two follow up emails.
  2. ungxx004

    UNMC Accelerated BSN Program

    Hi, my interview date was 11/20. -------------- informed us that about 93 applicants applied to the Ohama location, they interviewed about 52. They will select 32 if I remember correctly. She'd mentioned that they will waitlist about 5-10 depending on the interviews and will deny interviewed applicants or suggest them to apply to the traditional program. I thought my interview went OK, but I felt that the interviewers asked the same question 3 different times... did you guys get that feeling? I couldn't really tell how they felt about my interview, but I remember it being really quick and there was more things we could've talked about, but didn't have enough time. ------------- stated that the committee will make decisions around 12/9 and decisions should be release during that week. Best of luck to all!
  3. ungxx004

    George Washington ABSN Spring 2014

    Does anyone know of people who were waitlisted at GWU and offered a seat?
  4. ungxx004

    George Washington ABSN Spring 2014

    I finally received my notice that my application was forwarded to admission for review! It seem that after this, the decision is pretty quick! Please keep my posted if you do hear back about the scholarships!
  5. ungxx004

    George Washington ABSN Spring 2014

    That would make sense I guess... but I didn't think it was a rolling admission program. Did anyone apply for the 2 scholarships that were sent out via email? If so, have you heard back yet?
  6. ungxx004

    George Washington ABSN Spring 2014

    I still haven't heard anything from admissions and I know I'm being impatience, but after they sent me an email saying they'd received my application, I should hear an update 2 weeks after it being verified. So far I haven't heard back. I did contact admissions and they wrote that it should still be a few weeks later before I hear back.
  7. ungxx004

    Applying to UC Denver for Summer 2014

    I'm surprised UC- Denver responded to anyone's email. I sent 2 separate emails, 10 days apart from one another, starting on 10/1 and has yet to receive a response. I left 2 VM; both calls were returned. But interesting they were always toward the end of business hours, on a Friday night. A student actually called me at 8PM on a Friday night, and couldn't even answer my question regarding whether they were able to check if my AP scores were sent. In fact, each time she talked to me, she couldn't even remember who I was and needed me to remind her of my first and last name. I read in a previous thread that if an item is missing, they would contact you. But I didn't see the AP scores from CollegeBoard updated on my application status. If the school is running really behind on reviewing applications, it should have been a courtesy to update the applicants. Just saying!
  8. ungxx004

    George Washington ABSN Spring 2014

    How long after your application was verified did you receive your update? GWU sent me an email saying that my application was verified on 9/26, but then a follow up email said it was verified on 10/2. I thought they would send me an update in 2 weeks, but I haven't heard anything yet.
  9. ungxx004

    Applying to UC Denver for Summer 2014

    NocoKate, Do you know how many people are in your cohort? I called admission and someone said they admitted 175 for the traditional program? Does that sound right to you?
  10. ungxx004

    George Washington Spring ABSN 2014

    For those who were accepted, how long after did you receive your notification? I sent my application on 9/26/13 and received an email the next day confirming they'd received my application and will update me within 2 weeks. Does the follow up email give you a GW ID?
  11. ungxx004

    Applying to UC Denver for Summer 2014

    Have you received an email for an interview yet?
  12. ungxx004

    George Washington ABSN Spring 2014

    I recently submitted my application my application late September. I was curious how long did it take for the admissions to send back a response and was it via email? I am also coming from Minnesota, so not sure what I'll do about housing, but hopefully will get that figure once a decision is made.
  13. ungxx004

    Applying to UC Denver for Summer 2014 - Traditional

    Have you heard back for an interview yet?
  14. Have anyone received a letter for an interview yet?
  15. ungxx004

    NYU ABSN Fall 2013 Entry

    Here's the rejection email. The admissions committee at New York University has carefully considered your application and supporting credentials, and it is with regret that I must inform you that we are unable to offer you admission to NYU this year. I am so sorry about the disappointing news. Please know that your application and supporting credentials were given full consideration. As you likely suspect, we receive more applications from exceedingly qualified students than we are able to admit each year. Unfortunately, even though students may be clearly competitive for admission based on their academic records and their test scores, we are only able to admit a fraction of qualified students given the space we have available in our classes at NYU. Given the volume of applications we receive each year, please understand that we regrettably cannot respond to appeal requests and we cannot reconsider your application or any new credentials this year. Although we cannot reconsider your application for admission to any of the traditional undergraduate schools and colleges at NYU for the upcoming term, the Paul McGhee Division of our School of Continuing and Professional Studies represents an alternative. NYU's McGhee Division welcomes transfer applications from students on a rolling basis for spring, summer, and fall admission. If you would like to learn more about McGhee programs and the McGhee community, which meets the needs of the adult learner, you should be in touch with them directly byvisiting their website for prospective students. Again, I am sorry for the disappointing news. On behalf of the NYU community, I wish you only the best as you continue your education..Sincerely, Did anyone else receive this letter?