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I am applying to George Mason Nursing (Traditional) for the year 2018! I wanted to start a forum because I didn't see any for this year! Does anyone have any idea how competitive the program is? I am taking be HESI on the 11th and I am so nervous about the A&P section of the test.

Hello All! So happy to have found you all...I am nervouscited about starting the program this Fall. Who's with me?!

Don't worry! We're all in this together, we'll be fine. The lady up front at the orientation was probably just trying to scare us. The retention rate for their program is extremely high, if that makes you feel any better.

Thank sure does! It was AGES ago that I did the orientation so I don't even remember that, but the fact that I am an older student who will be juggling 3 kids alongside the full time program :-)

They Storm, I'm back. Sure, let me message you the details. It's actually a few people, me and some other girl that I'd like to add. And I'd like to add you in it, so that makes 4. Let me check back w/ them first. Anyone else wanna join?


I went to the orientation and got my transcripts evaluated, the lady in the back (the girl who lead us up the room) told us that the speaker was very cutthroat, but not to worry because the university will make sure to teach us. She told me that it does speak on them too if many students drop, that's why its in their best interest to keep the students in the program and actually passing.

I have read many experiences from many forums and they say Nursing is really about putting in the work. I'm sure our time management skills will improve as we go through the program lol.

Have you guys joined GMU groups yet? I've joined a few during orientation. They were recruiting. And the people there are so nice.

Hello, I decided I would finally make an account and engage in the conversation. I too have been waitlisted and was wondering if Meg has heard back from the program? Does anyone have any information? I am trying to be positive and hopeful but it is approaching June and my hopes are slowly decreasing. Congrats to everyone who got in.

Hello ladies!

I had a quick question regarding uniforms...the colours/fits are all over the place in some brands. The colors that I have the most issues with are in the red family... What brands are you all looking at, and where are you finding them? I am not a small girl, so people have recommended Dickies and Cherokee Flexibles. Good?

& Just a quick question

Those who applied to graduate from NVCC with an associates degree, have you been awarded the degree yet?

When are you gonna send in your final transcripts to mason?

Don't forget to send the unofficial ones to the bsnapps

I did. I met another nursing student but he was doing accelerated as well. I agree we should make a 2018 traditional bsn fb page.

Did you all end up making a FB page?

Anyone else wanna join?

Have you guys joined GMU groups yet? I've joined a few during orientation. They were recruiting. And the people there are so nice.

Can you let me know if there are any online chats/groups going?- I would love to join in :-)

98485, I was awarded mine about 2 weeks ago. I sent mine in already. You also need to send in an official transcript to Mason Gen Admin thru Parchment once it posts.

Bokkechick, I haven't seen any on FB besides the GMU Nurses Association, which is a page and not a group. Also, I haven't checked at the campus store yet, but I think they may sell the scrubs there? I'll have to go take a look later this week and report back if so.

Yep, you can buy all necessary scrubs at the campus bookstore. Just found out

Thank you @thunderstorm56!

Has anyone gotten off the waitlist? Or do you know anyone that has gotten off the waitlist?


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