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I am applying to George Mason Nursing (Traditional) for the year 2018! I wanted to start a forum because I didn't see any for this year! Does anyone have any idea how competitive the program is? I am taking be HESI on the 11th and I am so nervous about the A&P section of the test.


I'm currently in the GMU's traditional program. I just finished the first semester and will be graduating in Spring 2019. I took all my prerequisites at NVCC and had a 3.76 GPA. I don't remember what my HESI score was but will try to find the results. I think I may have had an 89% overall. I felt like it was pretty easy even though I didn't study for it at all. I actually did the worst on the a&p section so I thought there was no way I'd get in. I'm not sure how competitive it is since I honestly didn't think I would be accepted but I don't think it is as difficult as others make it sound. The only thing that I felt set me apart was my essay which I spent a lot of time on. If you have any questions, let me know! Good Luck!


Hey! Thanks for your reply! I am pretty confident with all the other areas of HESI except for A&P section! Do you know how detailed the questions were? What did most questions focus on?

The questions weren't too detailed. I've attached a link of a practice site so that you have an idea of the types of questions that may be on it.

HESI A2 Anatomy and Physiology Practice Test -

Also, make sure you know how to read military time, know measurement conversions, converting fractions, and how to read roman numerals if you don't already. Overall, it was a lot easier than I expected.

I took my HESI yesterday and got 89.2 for my cumulative score.

A&P: 92

Vocabulary: 94


Reading: 84

Grammar: 84

My scores on reading and writing are pretty low, grammar was harder than I thought and reading was the last section I took and I was pretty burnt out. What do you think of my score? Do you think I will be okay?

We got the exact same cumulative score but you did significantly better in a&p. My scores were math-92% . A&p 76%, Vocab 100%, reading 88%, grammar 90%. I think you'll be fine considering you did well in a&p which i would assume is the most important for them. Just make sure to take time on the essay and your application video and you'll be just fine. I think you have a good chance!

Hey, me too. And so are my friends! I look at this forum a lot, and I saw this thread so thought I'd register and post.

Sunnyssim96, congrats on your high A&P score! :)

What did you get for the personality and learning profile on the HESI? Do you think they'll care too much about that?

Honestly the grammar part was my lowest score. I thought it was pretty hard. I feel you on it. :(

Hey, smc26448. I am also a NVCC student trying to transfer to mason's nursing program. Can I ask you how the application was (to the general and nursing)? Do they care too much about the resume? I'm wondering what they want to see on there.

I used to live on this forum when I was taking my prerequisites and doing my application. I got creative/visual for personality or something similar to that.

The application was tedious but overall pretty easier, just a lot of steps to go through- the gmu acceptance, deposit, video, essay, background check, getting all the vaccines updated, etc. I'm not sure how important the resume was but I had some volunteer experience with the Alexandria MRC and worked at an animal hospital for a few years. I think my essay was my strongest point. I know a few of my peers also transferred from NVCC and other VA community colleges. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you for the answer. The application process and all the steps is what's making me antsy. Hearing you talk about your experience is really calming, so thanks again.

I'm just waiting for NVCC to put in the grades in the transcripts before I'll apply. Since transfer applications start in the 15th (today). I hope my grades this semester boost my gpa up by .1 point. If this doesn't happen then I'll be slightly annoyed at the NVCC gpa system since they measure it to the thousandths place for some reason... One of my professors told me to take her summer course to increase my GPA, and I should have taken her offer. The people I've talked to (at NVCC and Mason) said my GPA is competitive, but a higher one is always good.

One step at a time:

The general school application. I hear we do everything online for this.

Then the nursing application. Which requires some physical mailing - and I got nervous when they emphasized that anything incorrect will have your application thrown out. I understand though, but geez. I asked them if they'd be OK if I asked them for help, and they said it was a process for students only.

Just minor annoyances/nervousness/excitement/etc. (a bunch of feelings all in one). I'll try to double check with my friends about the application to make sure everything is consistent and correct between all of us. I'm REALLY anal and OCD about things - I literally panic if I feel like I'm unsure about something.


I hope this doesn't sound like a silly question, but for the video application, can you explain the equipment you used? I was hoping I could wear something very professional and I'd be recording it with a webcam, or my phone. What were they looking for in the video submission exactly? Your personality? I want to put as much effort into it without going overboard (like video editing).

I thought I needed to get accepted into GMU first before I can apply to the nursing program but I found out that is not not the case.

I am really upset about this because I applied to the school because that is what it was stated multiple times and I just wasted by 70 dollars for transfer application fee. I will have to pay additional 50 dollar fee for BSN application. Did you read about the essay topic? I honestly have no idea what to write about...

Thanks 98495! Did you take your HESI yet? For my learning style, I got Kinesthetic/Global and my personality style, I got Creative/Leader. I am not sure what they are looking for in these areas... Do you have any experience? I only have experience on shadowing nurses... No volunteer hours. I work part time so that was pretty hard to do.

Hey Sunny,

The fees are never ending :(. I feel you on that.

I'm still in the process of applying for the general school because one of my teachers still haven't put the grades from this semester in the transcripts yet. I hope to catch up to you soon.

I did take the HESI. I took it in September so I won't have to take it around finals (which is around the time the application opens). I talked to the lady in the admissions office during the info session, and she says scores above 80 are competitive. So you shouldn't have anything to worry about! :)

I think you have an edge because you had experience that's as close to nursing as possible, that is being a shadow to a nurse. The admissions lady said they weren't expecting traditional transfers to have clinical experience, but just experience working in a care setting (like taking care of children). I don't have any professional (clinical) experience, but I volunteer.

I don't think you'd have anything to worry about. :)

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