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I am applying to George Mason Nursing (Traditional) for the year 2018! I wanted to start a forum because I didn't see any for this year! Does anyone have any idea how competitive the program is? I am taking be HESI on the 11th and I am so nervous about the A&P section of the test.

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I'm in the accelerated program right now, traditional and accelerated applications were pretty similar last year. You do have to apply as a transfer student to GMU as well as to the nursing program, and yes that is more and more money. The video was absolutely the hardest part of the application. I basically wrote an outline of what I wanted to say then tried to record myself saying it with my iPad. Lots to takes and even more frustration because it's really hard to not twitch, stumble over your words, and get it all in under 3 minutes. I did not dress up for my video, wore a hoodie.

I don't know what your essay prompt is but one of my professors this semester commented to us accelerated students that the traditional students almost all went a much different direction with they essays than the accelerated students. Still accepted into the program so I'd guess they are mostly looking for personality and writing ability.

Hi! I am a student at NoVA who is also trying to transfer to Mason's traditional nursing program. I was wondering, I had finished applying to the GMU as a transfer student and was wondering if you know anything about how am able to obtain my G#? It is really nerve wrecking to have to wait for such a number in order to begin the application. Also, if you have any advice on how to stay calm and collected when doing your video or any tips!

Thank you and I hope your studies are going well!

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I got a G# within a couple days of applying as a transfer student.

When y'all applied for transfer to the general school, did you bother with letters of recommendations and stuff?

My friend didn't bother with any of that and just submitted a statement and got in. But I want to make the application better, you know?

Quota, cute dog by the way!

Has anyone been able to get to the Essay and Video prompts yet? When I applied last year, the HESI scores were reported automatically/included in the hardcopy application, but now they want you to report them on part A of the nursing app, so I can't even see what the prompts are until I take the HESI. I'm not supposed to take my HESI until the end of this week, but I really wanted to get a jump on the essay questions so I have more than just a week or two to plan and answer those. If anyone could help out, I would really very much appreciate it!!!

The general app is pretty simple to get accepted, but the recommendations will help more with the nursing app, and I'm not sure if there's a second chance to submit those with the nursing app.

Hey cabryan15, When you applied to the general school did you submit a statement?

I was wondering where they put the statement box in, since several friends told me that they put a statement. I called the admissions, and they said theres no statement--only the upload essay portion. Did you submit an essay for the general school?

That's strange.



I personally did submit in the essay portion for the transfer application. I felt that it would give you sort of an advantage because the admissions would get to know you a little better! I did not try to write it as best as I should have, but it doesn't hurt to write something :)


I hope this is not a stupid comment, but I just submitted in my part A of the nursing application and I am kind of a nervous wreck. I read that if you had any errors they'll throw your app away???

When I was filling out all the courses that I have taken/will be taking, there was the advanced writing course that we have to complete, but you can only do so at Mason, so I did not fill in any info for that and left it blank.

For any one who has done part A, did I just make a huge mistake......

cabryan15, I hope you did well on your Hesi. As for the nursing and video prompts, you can find them online here:

Video Submission Requirement - School of Nursing


Here are the video and essay topics:

Video Submission Requirement - School of Nursing

I hope you did well on your Hesi

Amynn, that's what I was gonna freak out about too... They really emphasized that mistakes can get your app thrown out. But I don't think you did anything wrong.

Aren't you at NoVA still? If you haven't been accepted yet to mason's schools (both schools) I don't think that you need to fill the ENG302 part out because you haven't signed up for it yet. Your classes you should list should be all NoVA classes (unless you transferred from a prev. university). Everyone has to take the advanced mason ENG class, but people take it at different times. Unless you're taking it in the spring time because you applied for mason's spring semester, you would need both transcripts I would presume, and you need to include the mason classes you're taking for the spring if that were the case.

Though, I'm just speculating what makes most sense to me so I'm not really super sure about it. Their offices open up again at Jan 4th, you might want to give them a call then.

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