George Mason Traditional Nursing 2018

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I am applying to George Mason Nursing (Traditional) for the year 2018! I wanted to start a forum because I didn't see any for this year! Does anyone have any idea how competitive the program is? I am taking be HESI on the 11th and I am so nervous about the A&P section of the test.

Also cabryan15 , every time I post an link to mason's website, the post here wont go through.

But you can find the prompt for the video and essay on mason's nursing website (it says video/essay link for the school of nursing).

I hope you did well on your Hesi. How did you do?

Also if y'all don't mind me asking, what did you write about for the mason's nursing essay?

I think I might go with the care route with mine, even though it says to write about any event in your life.

what are prerequesites?

I've applied to the program for Fall 2018! When did they say they would send out decision letters?

They will send us their final decision by late April

Good luck to everyone!

They mentioned that they will send decisions by late April, but I hope we get it before that time.

I got in! Check your email. I'm so happy. I've just received email from GMU

I got in too! Woohoo!

I also got in! I'm super happy and excited! :happy:

Congratulations to everyone that also got in !!!. And anyone that did not make it this time around, please do not think that you are less capable. I applied to the program last year and I did not get in. I made several mistakes-plus my Hesi scores were disaster. However, I learned from those mistakes and I did all I can to improve my Hesi scores. All the best to all of you!!

Hey everyone! I got waitlisted and I was wondering if anyone else got waitlisted this year or in previous years. I am mostly curious to know if I really have to wait until August to see if I will get in. The email I received said we should not contact them asking about the waitlist or any of that so I would really like any information you guys have. I am super anxious about it and I am not sure what to expect. Mason is the only school applied to because I cannot afford to go anywhere else. Mostly, I am in shock because I thought my GPA and HESI score were very good but I guess not good enough :(

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