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Hi all,

I'm applying to GMU's accelerated BSN program for fall 2011 admission, and I have a few questions... First of all, I know that they don't require letters of recommendation, but will they accept them and read them if you send one or two in with your application?

Secondly, Does anyone know how much weight they put on the HESI Admissions Assessment? I believe this is the first year that they are requiring that applicants take this particular exam. I am currently enrolled in Anatomy & Physiology I, but we've only been in class for 2 months, so I'm not quite sure how much they expect us to know for the A&P portion of the HESI. If anyone could shed some light on this issue that would be great!

Thanks and good luck to all!

I'm surprised we haven't seen more people in here yet.

Takin the HESI only once for Mason makes me nervous but it's the day right after my final exam for A&PII and I took it fast paced to have both semesters in 1 full 16 week session (ie, each class was 8 weeks). I'm hoping it'll help me with the anatomy part. I bought a Kaplan nursing entrance exam book and found an ebook through the public library by Mcgraw Hill. Thinking of maybe going ahead and getting the Elsevier book too or at least finding it at a book store and studying it right there a few days beforehand so I don't waste money. Then again, maybe I can just keep in brand new condition/not right in it and return it! lol

After the stress of the exam is over, I'm hoping I can whip up a great essay, update my resume, and apply to the nursing program. I'll have a lot more free time to work on it all since my class is ending on the 13th.

For some reason the lack of recommendations slipped by me until I read your post. I was gonna just get recommendations from my A&P professors since it's related, recent, and I'm getting As. But I suppose if it might not even be considered much if at all, then that's 1 less school I have to have them write for. :) I suppose it isn't a horrible waste to send them to be safe though... Better safe than sorry, right?

Anyone else annoyed that they dont have more info sessions this time of year?? The 1 I would've considered is full. I went to 1 last year but it'd be nice to go with my mom (she asks a lot of good questions I dont think of on the spot) and make sure I'm not missing out on any important info.

phew! Just took the Hesi. 92.66% overall. Got an 88 in the anatomy section but I'm hoping that's still somewhat competitive. 30 questions doesn't seem fair, in my opinion, but oh well.

Still no other GMU applicants? Come out, come out, wherever you are! lol

Way to go!! Sounds like you did very well on the HESI! I ended up getting a 94% as my overall score. My A&P score was my lowest (84%), which I thought was pretty decent, considering I'd only finished just over half of A&P I when I took the HESI. I'm really hoping they don't put all that much weight on this test. Hopefully they'll put more weight on the prereq grades, undergraduate record, and the application essays.

On another note, has any one had the chance to speak to any current or former students in the ABSN program? I went to one of the information sessions in November, but I didn't get the best feeling about the program. It just seems very institutionalized, and I kind of got the sense that the people running it don't know what they're doing. It would be nice to be able to hear feedback from someone who has been through the program.

I have a friend that recently finished the traditional program, I believe. I haven't asked her too much but she seems to be satisfied and got her license, which was exciting. At this point, I'm not going to be picky where I go because not only is the location convenient and familiar, but if this is the only place I get in, I'm not gonna let it go. I'm even thinking of applying to some places out of state just to be safe (and cause I'd like a change of scenery). Even if it's not the best, it would be good to know those kind of things ahead of time. I think that's always a good idea if you have time/know someone. Ask them if it's worth going there, etc.

On another note, I am finishing up my BSN application now that I have my fall grades and whatnot, and I freaked out a little about 2 classes transferring (since Mason has a microbio for majors essentially and i took biostats), but thankfully both are ok and I don't have to take them in spring.

Aside from that, I have to finish my essay, and I'm done. I feel like such a bad procrastinator! lol

How are the rest of you doing on your app? Done? Almost there?

how long did it take for you guys to get your detailed report of each section from the hesi a2? I just took mine today and got a 94%. I hope I can get the detailed report in time. Any suggestion on what i should do? I still need to fill out the application.

I wonder what the average is for the hesi a2.

they suggest you take the Hesi by December 15th. I got a printout of the detailed report right after I took the exam. The Prometric testing center (in falls church, va) printed it out, stamped it and signed it. I just copied that as part of my packet of papers I'm sending in. Haven't gotten anything officially in the mail yet though. I took it on Dec 14th.

yeah i got the same said they require detailed report of each section.i wonder what that is!

have all of u finished ur pre-reqs?

good luck with the application.

Isn't what they give right after the exam the detailed report? It lists your score in each section and subsection and has bar graphs and they stamp and sign it.

Does anyone know if what they mail you is any different?

This is mine:


Isn't this all they need? (the whole page, of course)

i will call them on monday to confirm

I also applied to George Mason's Accelerated Nursing Program in the fall, that's where I really want to go but they are so selective. Does anyone know when we will be notified of getting into the program and if anyone has been in the program, could they provide some insight on their experience?

In the information session, I believe they said we would hear back about admissions decisions in mid April (approximately). They have the longest wait time of any school I applied to! I'm just trying to forget about it until then.

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