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Hi all,

I'm applying to GMU's accelerated BSN program for fall 2011 admission, and I have a few questions... First of all, I know that they don't require letters of recommendation, but will they accept them and read them if you send one or two in with your application?

Secondly, Does anyone know how much weight they put on the HESI Admissions Assessment? I believe this is the first year that they are requiring that applicants take this particular exam. I am currently enrolled in Anatomy & Physiology I, but we've only been in class for 2 months, so I'm not quite sure how much they expect us to know for the A&P portion of the HESI. If anyone could shed some light on this issue that would be great!

Thanks and good luck to all!

I wish I could know and get it over with. If it's as selective/picky as I think, then I don't know if my chances are that great, but it'd be a really awesome birthday present if I did... (19th which sounds like is riiight around the time I'd find out) *crosses fingers*

I hope you get your birthday wish! I hope we hear back in mid- rather than late-April. Fingers crossed!!!

I applied to the program for this fall as well. I honestly can not remember what my HESI scores are! Are you all transferring to Mason? I am just wondering because I have not even received my Mason acecptance yet. Best of luck.

I havent heard anything official from the university either. Not sure why.

Ya know, I read that the acceptances / rejections from the university were supposed to start going out as of April 1st, and that the nursing school wouldn't send acceptances til the end of the month. I could have sworn during the info session that they said middle. But isn't is just like schools to be late with everything? I only live in Alexandria so mail service would only take a day! Did anyone apply anywhere else?

In addition to Mason, I applied to Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, GW, and Marymount. Because of proximity and cost, I think Marymount is my #1 school right now, other than GMU. Has anyone heard anything about what the GMU program is like compared to some of the other schools in this area? I know that it is somewhat shorter (12 months, instead of 14-15 months), but that's the extent of my knowledge. I wish we could get feedback from current or former students! Feel free to weigh in if you know anything about the program specifics!

I also applied and was accepted to the 2011 VCU program which starts in mid-May. I heard from a co-worker of my wife who works as a nurse at Fairfax Hospital that the VCU program is pretty slow. To differentiate "slow" from "long" - slow meaning that the program could cover its material more quickly than its 18-month schedule. But perhaps it is better than the crazy schedule Mason would require. Depends on each person's capacity.

I hope GMU sends out its responses quickly. Finding out May 1st about Mason would make a turnaround to VCU on May 16th pretty quick if GMU rejects me.

I spoke to the regular admissions office, and they told me that the acceptances as transfer students just started being mailed as of April 8th. The letters will continue to go out into May, which means we may not even hear about the inital acceptance for 3 weeks!! I was told this would not affect the nursing school decision, as they have to wait on the regular Mason decisions. I was told not to worry that I have not received anything yet, because almost no one has. Anyone else think they are being very slow about this?

As for Georgetown, anyone hear from them? I know we should hear before the 18th so we have a chance to fill out the scholarship application. I was just wondering if they are also waiting til last minute for everything.

How did all of you do on the HESI? I did well but not perfect....So far I've been accepted everywhere that I applied to but I really really want to go to George Mason. I'm checking my mailbox constantly.

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Does anybody know when they will suppoed to mail the letters? GMU really takes long time to let people know which is kind of frustrating.:grn:

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I guess I should have read the earlier responses. Mid to late April looks like. Oh well, alot of people are in the same boat, it sounds like. Good luck!

How did all of you do on the HESI? I did well but not perfect....So far I've been accepted everywhere that I applied to but I really really want to go to George Mason. I'm checking my mailbox constantly.

The HESI was the application requirement that I was most worried about... My overall score was good (94%), but my A&P score was low (84%), because at the time that I took the exam, I was only about 2/3 of the way through A&P I. Now I'm almost done with A&P II. If I could retake that section now, I bet I'd get a lot more questions right!

I think this is the first year that they've used the HESI (before they used TEAS). Does anyone know how much weight they put on that? I'm having a ridiculous amount of anxiety over this!!

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