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  1. Saflanut

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    I want to feel optimistic about future of our profession. I think problems start at the beginning. Education of NPs is (Both MSN and DNP) lagging way behind PA schools. I still don't understand the fact that how can some schools including really reputable ones requiring NP students to arrange for their clinical placements after charging them thousands of dollars in tuition. NP schools are not as selective as PA schools, a lot of them don't require GRE or any other examination. RN experience at some cases reduced or not even required. Online programs are not helping either. It should be more standardized approach to NP education. Unfortunately, it became a financially lucrative option for colleges and universities. in the meantime new grads are stuck with student loans and low paying new grad positions. Quality of the NP programs vary, yes but I think clinical hours should be be increased.Pediatrics, gerontology, women's health rotations should be more robust and supported by the NP programs should not fall on student's shoulders. I think that would increase our negotiation power.
  2. I did not want to further comment on this issue but I felt that I can provide more insight and update. On Monday we discussed how we can improve patient care regarding this type of scenario with the nurse manager, NPs and nurses. If a pt is presenting for skin conditions (including tick bite, poison ivy/sumac etc) whoever is rooming the pt will provide a gown for them to put on.Ask pts whether they want to have their skin checked for other tick bites, so they don't just ask that in the middle of the exam and catch us off guard. Here is the deal, if NP is ready to see the pt at that point, she will just go in and do the whole exam, including skin check. But if NP is with another pt or running late, nurses will do the check and report any findings. No, nurses are not required remove and identify any ticks. All of our nurses have been living in this area for sometime and knowledgable about the ticks.Problem solved! Somebody made a comment that I should learn how to order not request. Here is a little education on that -risking sounding "snooty" here, I know. Orders go on pt's EMR with particular diagnose attached to them and you choose from pre-populated options. Then you sign the orders for nurses to complete in the office such as throat swabs, labs, ear irrigations etc. Tick check is not one of those orders. Therefore it was a verbal request because I don't bark orders to nurses, I request them to complete a task. As a NP I am well aware that I don't make rules or policies as I go. I work for a big health care organization. On the other hand we can bring issues forward to discuss with management to provide better and safer pt care. Thank you again for your comments.
  3. Saflanut

    CEN study tips

    Mark Boswell's youtube videos are concise. BCEN hand book and the his videos were enough for me. Good luck!
  4. Saflanut

    Getting into emergency nursing

    I was a new grad who did the last semester preceptorship in the ED which I am currently hired. I was proactive and asked to speak with the nurse manager. I worked really hard and showed good attitude. I was fortunate enough to get into their 4 months fellowship program. I am on my own now for about a month. I would not deny that there are days that I feel really inadequate and incompetent. But I am constantly affirmed by the some of the experienced nurses that this is normal. Everybody has good days and bad days. I like the variety and fast pace that ED brings. Sometimes it is overwhelming though. Hoping to get my grad degree and be a NP. We have NP in the ED settings.
  5. Saflanut

    New ER nurse...is there any hope for me?!?!

    LunahRN, I salute you and women who are in the Army! Stay safe! I have two girls who are doing Army ROTC! Army strong!
  6. Saflanut

    New ER nurse...is there any hope for me?!?!

    I too have similar issues with IV insertion. Nothing more frustrating than getting 3 patients at once with tons of blood work orders and all the other tests that you have to do and you are still trying to start an Iv on the first patient. Yesterday, I had a dialysis patient, homeless IV drug user and really skinny older lady with veins that rolled. I had to ask MD to start IV on two of them because even very experienced ED tech could not get it. Everything was backed up, I was running around crazy trying to complete the orders. Got yelled at by MD and everything went downhill from there. I finished my Fellowship program a month ago. So I am not experienced and still trying to get used to being in ED. I have good days and bad days, but IV skills are so crucial in ED in terms of completing MD orders in a timely matter. I appreciate the tips on hard sticks. I have no problem getting the easy ones, but a lot of times we are faced with hard sticks in ED. Anyhow, I would love to hear more tips from the experienced ED nurses.
  7. Saflanut

    Things that gross you out..

    C-diff stool, toes with fungal infection, dry flaky skin particles that float in the air when you take out pt's socks, BO of pt, crusty skin on the skin folds, uncircumcised penis with crusty stuff, doing oral care on pt after they are extubated... It is a long list, I know. I gagged so hard and almost vomited one time front of a pt, when she was using bedside commode and had really bad diarrhea. She was also in isolation in a negative pressure room which felt so stuffy. I had to take stool sample which made things worse. I don't think I am going to develop strong stomach anytime soon.
  8. Saflanut

    Took NCLEX this Morning

    Hi Ethanphil, congrats! It must be pretty sweet feeling! Would you mind sharing your study guide also? My email: bokerglory@yahoo.com Thanks and enjoy the feeling of satisfaction of completing this long and hard journey!
  9. Saflanut

    Im here to complain. you can too:)

    Get up at 5 AM for clinicals: check Do 25 pages of care plans that includes useless information: check Ugly scrubs: check Opportunistic CNA's: check Tests and quizzes every week: check Unhelpful staff nurses who forgot how it was: check Sleeping less than 6 hours consistently: check Expect to practice your skills but all you do is do vitals and bed&bath: check Can't commit to any social or family events on the weekends: check I think I can go on and on. There it is, feels better to complain!
  10. Saflanut

    Shenandoah University Accelerated BSN

    HI jmb12, I am a current student at Leesburg campus. Just wanted quickly answer your location questions. Leesburg is a satellite campus, so there is no on-campus housing. A lot of single people share apartments in the Leesburg area. OUr clinicals are all located in NOrthern VA. Loudoun Inova is the closest (10-15 min) to Leesburg campus. Fair Oaks Inova and Reston about 25-35 min driving distance. We have a lot of commuters also. But I would recommend getting an apartment with some room mates in the Leesburg area.And you will definitely need a car. Good luck!
  11. Saflanut

    Things You Know Now (And Wish You'd Known Then!)

    Thanks for the warning. Yes, I am really aware of the what awaits front of me. Especially now the clinicals would be more intense and time consuming. Because I am in an accelerated program, everything moves really fast. I have had exams and papers due almost every other day. I am preparing myself for the worse.
  12. Saflanut

    Things You Know Now (And Wish You'd Known Then!)

    I am also skeptical about the whole GPA thing. I just finished my first semester and planning to I apply to the Master's program after a couple of years of work experince. It is funny how my instructors are saying the same thing. I think they are out of touch from reality. I have two B's from the first semester which one of them can be easily avoided if the instructor was clear about the study guide and the paper. I blame myself though, for being so naive, I guess. I should have pester her and made sure that I had everything under control. Now, I have three semester to bring up my GPA which is about 3.6 now. Arghh, it feels like it never ends. Please share your insights about master's program applications. And good luck!
  13. Saflanut

    Shenandoah University Accelerated BSN

    HI, I also finished my first semester at Leesburg campus. So far I do like the program. We have small lab groups and classes, so you get a lot of individualized attention. Most of the instructors are very helpful. WE are assigned Macbooks and all of our lectures are posted on Blackboard. Some instructors are very organized and have everything on their lecture slides, while some are somewhat disorganized and you have to take your own notes and sift through their slides to make sense for your studying. Also all the class exams are given through blackboard. I think they do a good incorporating technology. WE are also required to have a mobile device ( Iphone, Itouch or I pad) with Nursing central app uploaded which becomes pretty handy when you are looking up medications. Nursing skills and assessment labs are demonstration based and instructors are very helpful in every step. We were also given ATI exams for psychiatric nursing and pharmacology. We had to pass Psych with level 2 proficiency in order to process further. These exams are pretty good indication of NCLEX success. Luckily, ATI exams have their own study books which will distributed to you as a part of your tuition. Pharmacology is the hardest class in my opinion.Make sure you study really hard for it. The textbook is very detailed, it would take hours to study. I made flashcards and did a lot of NCLEX type of questions which helped a lot. Anyhow this is what I can think of now. Good luck this MOnday!
  14. Saflanut

    Advice on Accelerated BSN programs

    I am about to start my second semester in a accelerated BSN program in VA. I also volunteered in a PACU unit. I continued to volunteer for awhile after I started my program but got too demanding after awhile. Anyhow, there are private schools (which translates into higher tuition) require 3.0 GPA and min. of C in their prereqs. They are easier to get into. I applied to two private one state school with 3.9 prereq GPA, 3.5 overall GPA in Biology BS. I got into the both private schools but not into the state school which is whole lot cheaper. The state schools get a lot of applicants for this reason. Interesting fact is that we have the same clinical site rotations with the state school. Also, they are more crowded in their lab groups and classes. NCLEX passing rated are also good comparison. Because we do get more individualized attention, I feel like we are getting our money's worth. What matters at the end that passing NCLEX and becoming an RN. If you could afford the private school tuition, would highly recommend. OUr program also require us to pass ATI exams for each subject that we are studying which is a really good indication of NCLEX success. Hopefully this was helpful.
  15. Saflanut

    Any tips for Pathophysiology

    I just finished patho last semester and I aced it. I would highly recommend the Pathophysiology Made Incredibly Easy. It is precise and the pictures help immensely. I had an excellent Physiology prof, that made it easier for me to understand the diseases processes easier. I recommend also while studying to create concept maps that include the pathophysilogical changes in the cellular, tissue and organ level, signs/symptoms and treatment. This way you can also see the relations between the systems such as cardiac and pulmonary.
  16. Saflanut

    How can I make application attractive for ABSN?

    TheSquire and jojofries2 , Thanks for the replies.I appreciate your inputs encouraging words. Great advices in both posts. I am married with three children, military wife. We live in Northern VA area so, my choices are limited to three programs. I am taking summer classes at the moment but I set aside one day a week to volunteer in some hospital. My question to jojofries 2, what kind of volunteer job you had at the VA hospital?Was it a direct patient care type of volunteering? I have completed all the prereqs for these programs with the exception of statistics which I am taking this fall. I truly appreciate the advice from both of you. I have critical 6 months front of me and I need to make most of it. Thanks again.

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