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I know we get lots of these threads but I caught myself today doing something very typical of a nursing student. I start in about 3 weeks and I had to order a Skills CD from the bookstore that came... Read More

  1. by   SoulShine75
    Quote from StlRn2b1206
    When you remind your fellow nursing students before a flight to drink lots of water and move around as much as possible - we don't want any DVTs!
    I've done that too ......funny
  2. by   SoulShine75
    When your friends or family can't help you with your homework anymore.
    (cause they haven't a clue what they're reading)
  3. by   locolorenzo22
    When you see nursing signs everywhere you look and don't understand why no one comprehends you saying "ok, that's it, I'm NPO post 6PM".
  4. by   Deliasgone
    When you are dragging your 30 lb. bookbag anywhere and everywhere you go "just in case" you have a minute to study.

    Also, when you are in a doctor's office with said bookbag and the nurses who work there can look at you and tell that you are a nursing student.
  5. by   Asklepios
    Quote from SaraO'Hara
    Writing things on the "family bulletin board" in fractured nursing shorthand, eg "Jimmy: impaired ability to visit skateboard park s/p acute bratosis. Recommended tx: spank t.i.d. till clear."
    I love that one!!!! LOL!!!!
  6. by   Biol20fan are the only one in your family that finds it amusing that on clinical days, you use Secret Clinical Strength antiperspirant/deodorant. find yourself putting meaning to the letters in other people's license plates (e.g. DVT, PIH, MAG, etc.). get excited when you FINALLY know what the heck they are talking about on all of the medical shows you love, and yet... find yourself critiquing the shows, looking for the mistakes (and being somewhat disappointed, since you can no longer just sit there and enjoy the show for what it's worth). are beyond excited about starting your first IV or cath, seeing +4 edema, etc., and no one else (beyond your friends in NS) cares or they are grossed out.
  7. by   intuition
    Quote from summerland5
    when you're working the hardest you ever have-and you're FLAT BROKE!
    Amen to that!!
  8. by   intuition
    When you palpate your husband's hands and feet veins.

    Can gross out a whole bible study in a matter of minutes, by just describing what you did in clinical's that day.

    You can't watch the shows you used to love, due to the inaccuracy of what the show portrays.

    Your daughter starts c/o of mysterious coughs, because she knows mommy takes care of sick people. Sad isn't it.
  9. by   polka-dot
    Quote from NoWaNrN
    when your 2 yo son knows where his lungs, heart, brain are and tells people who smoke cig. hurt your lungs! Holding him and reading A&P material through nursing school, you would thing he would have fell asleep fast. Nope he was interested, maybe I got a little Dr. in the making.
    Or a little nurse.
  10. by   whiteoleander5
    ... when you're stressed as all heck studying for hours, and then you're like "Why am I putting myself through this?!"

    And then you go to your clinical, help Mrs. Smith with her AM care, toileting, wiping...and again you ask "Why am I putting myself through this!?"

    But then at the end of the day, she smiles and touches your arm and says "Thank you" in a way that you know is from her heart, and that makes all the "poopy" times seem not as bad, and well worth it. Thats how you know you're a nursing student!
  11. by   bexp2005
    You wrap Christmas presents using IV tape!!
  12. by   siany
    reading these has just reminded me of my first day in uni...

    i was sat in a coffee shop with a couple of new friends on my nursing course and we were talking about everything from taking blood, cleaning nasty badly infected wounds to cervical cancer and AIDs. we were eating sandwiches and having coffee whilst we noticed the couple next to us had obviously overheard everything (we were quite loud!) and they were baulking whilst we were laughing due to our newly found sick sense of humour!

    we should really start considering other people weak stomachs lol
  13. by   Rianna1
    After a long day of Critical Care lecture and I am in the back seat of my carpool with fellow classmates on the way home I spot a truck that says "ENTERAL"...Oh wait, it actually says "CENTRAL".