Yippee!! I Graduated!!!

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    I am so happy!! I graduated this week with an ADN.
    Now I just have to pass the NCLEX!!! I have a job lined up!!
    I can't wait.

    Also Congratulations to all the other December Graduates!!!! Good luck on your NCLEX.

    I enjoy reading all the posts here. Everyone is so supportive, I look forward to getting acquainted with you all.
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  3. by   TeresaRN2b
    Oh I am soooo jealous! But CONGRATULATIONS! Now go out and celebrate! You deserve it!

  4. by   Rena RN 2003
    i'm with teresa! i'm very jealous.

    congratulations!!!! have a drink on me
  5. by   nurseleigh

    I graduate from my LPN program saturday. :hatparty: :hatparty:

  6. by   Steph2078
    CONGRATULATIONS everyone! I am also Jealous! I finished my first semester of pre reqs! haha Good luck in the future!
  7. by   mom2rosebudbaby
    Congrats to all the graduates!!!

    Words of encouragement to others with 1-2 semesters to go.
    It is unbelievable how fast the time seems to pass. Especially the last semester. You will be finished soon!!! Focus on your graduation date that's what helped me.

    One of my friends is who encouraged me to enter nursing.
    While she was in school I kept asking her "Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?" Finally at the beginning of her 4th semester (ADN) she said "Yes!!" I owe alot to her for encouraging me to go for it. "I used to tell her I'm not sure I could become a nurse and she always said Yes you can." So she is definitely my mentor and someone I look up to and respect.
    Aren't friends Great?!!!
  8. by   RN always
    oh how I remember that feeling, it is just so awesome. Congratulations, you worked so hard to get where you are!
  9. by   gonnabeanurse2
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! I just finished my first semester of actual nursing classes...final on Tues. I know how hard you have worked.....
  10. by   subec
    Woo hoo!!!!!

  11. by   emily_mom
    (humming Pomp and Circumstance)

    Congrats to all you that graduated this semester! I grad next semester, and I am SO ready to be done!!! I have been seeing the light since 1st semester...time really flies!

  12. by   LPNtoBSNstudent
  13. by   RN2BeIn2005
    originally posted by mom2rosebudbaby

    i am so happy!! i graduated this week with an adn.
    now i just have to pass the nclex!!! i have a job lined up!!
    i can't wait.

    also congratulations to all the other december graduates!!!! good luck on your nclex.

    i enjoy reading all the posts here. everyone is so supportive, i look forward to getting acquainted with you all.

    now sit back, enjoy your break, the holiday season then
    study yer hiney off for that nclex!!!
    best of luck to you
  14. by   hey_nurse
    CONGATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember what that was like and i'm happy for you. Good luck.