year wait untill i START clinicals, any advice?

  1. hi everyone. here is my sitch: i am currently on a waiting list to start the nursing program and i just found out i will not begin untill NEXT FALL- 2005. I will only have P&A II and micro left for my pre-reqs. Classmates have told me i should take a course so i can practice as a cna while i wait. I think that makes sense, but i am SOOOO impatient. I am thinking about transfering to a private school next spring where i would also be able to gety my bs,msn, name it. Only delima is $$$ its so exspensive. Has anyone else had to make this decision? I know that there are many community colleges with insane waiting lists. five years some places so i know i don't have it as bad, but thats not the point anyway.
    If any one has some advice i would appreciate it. I am at a cross roads and need to figure something out soon so i can move on transfering. thank you all, krissy
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  3. by   AmyLiz
    welcome to my life.
    Pull up a chair & grab a magazine, we're going to be waiting for awhile.

    I probably won't be starting the nursing program until next spring (05) or fall (05). I'll be done with ALL of my non-nursing classes by this fall. *sigh*

    I looked into other nursing schools, but the one I'm at now is the best in the area, so I guess I'll just wait it out.

    In the meantime, I took a job as a dialysis technician through a local (big) hospital. It's giving me nursing experience AND they're going to pay for my school too (yay!). I had to take a CNA class for school & that wasn't for me. I didn't MIND it, but I didn't want to DO it...not for a living anyway. Getting a position as a CNA at a nursing facility wouldn't be bad if you don't mind the work. Or you could look for a PCT position in a hospital or some sort of tech job like I have. The experience will do you good AND it'll keep you occupied while you wait.
  4. by   krissypoo
    thanks amyliz.....i know that fall of '05 isn't soooo bad, but i have a feeling, if i can afford it, i will be transferring. What i don't get is if there is such a huge nurse shortage right now, shouldn't the schools be paying these teachers better so that there will be more nurses willing to teach? make sense? anywho, thanks again....krissy
  5. by   smk1
    when i get accepted (when not if ) i will probably have a term or two of lag time before i start the program andif my BSN transfer prerequesites are finished i plan to take the EMT course or CNA (whichever has more Procedures and skills listed in the curriculum or possible phlebotomy.) i think its a great idea and will give you a great jumping off point and confidence going into the program. (at least i am assuming this but it seems logical!)
  6. by   sierranic

    I see that your here in Iowa too. I started out last year applying to my first choice CC, and after receiving a letter stating that they were revamping the selection process I came to the conclusion that I wouldn't be accepted. This of course was in Dec, I was hoping to get into the program for Fall 04'. Well I then applied to a few other schools here in Iowa, one 70 miles away and another 100 miles away, they were both CC so the cost was low, being a single mom of 2 I need to save as much as I can. However, I didn't feel as if I really wanted to drive an extra 2 to 3 hours each day, especially in the winter, just to go to class for a few hours, which would leave me with less time to study and less time with the kids. On top of that I would have to maintain a part time or possibly full time job as well. I received acceptence letter from the "distant" CC, one saying I was accepted for fall 05' and the other on the alternative list for fall 04' <---- meaning I may or may not be accepted this year depending on if students drop out. I didn't want to wait another year to get into school, so I started to apply to some private, big costing, schools in my area.

    I was accepted into one but the cost was 16k per year (ouch), even with loans, scholarships, and a pell grant, I would still have to fork out a could K's per year. That all occured last Friday, when I went to talk to the admission rep.

    Monday morning I went and checked my mail...... and low and behold there was my acceptence letter from my first choice CC!! I was sooo happy!!

    My advice to you would be to apply to as many schools as you can to see if you can get into the program as soon as possible, however if it is not possible, you could always start working on the elective credits for your BSN (if you are thinking about getting one in the future).

    Where at in Iowa are you, the private school that I was accepted to will more in likely take you for fall 04' if you really want to go! I can let you know where it is at, since now they have an extra opening :hatparty:

    Good luck with your choice!!