yay! acceptance letter :)

  1. hi everyone, i just wanted to share my good news. i got accepted to the northern IL university nursing program. after the other school i applied to told me that they were going to put me on a waiting list, i was starting to worry that i wouldnt get to start nursing school this fall, but now i will. yay! the only thing is, this school is about a 45 minute commute, and their program is 5 semesters instead of 4. but the good part is, classes are only 3 days a week, only about 9-13 credits per semester, and after the first year my boyfriend plans on going to the university too, so we could get an apartment there. but my parents really want me to go to the school in town, the one with the waiting list. i have to tell niu yes or no by april 15, and after i go through all the orientation and registration, i dont think i want to turn around and go through it again at the other school if they do have a spot open up...i just dont know what i should do...sorry to write so much, thanks for listening
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  3. by   sierranic

    I would say do what your heart tells you to do!!
    Personally, If I were you, and it sounds as if you don't have kids yet, I would jump on the opprotunity to go to school now, rather than wait possibly for another year or two... depending on the other school! Alot of things can happen in a year, and just think in one year you could be starting school, or just finishing the first year!

    Either way, I'm sure you'll make the right decision!

    Good luck!
  4. by   BabyRN2Be
    Congratulations Moonbunnie! I'm originally from the Chicago area and I considered going to NIU to get my Masters degree in speech-language pathology. I know that they are a top rated school in many areas, and their nursing program is really great!

    I hope that you enjoy it, NIU seems to be a very nice campus. Heck, I'm a little jealous because I miss the Chicago area so much (dad was transferred to San Diego before ending up in Tulsa). I hope you do well and enjoy the school! From what I understand they have some GREAT clinical opportunities (at least in the speech path world), and hooked up with some great hospitals. Have fun and I hope I get back up in the Chicago area one day!

    Congratulations!!! :hatparty:

  5. by   CaterpillarGirl
    I say go with the sure thing. I'm doing the same thing. I've been accepted to University Nevada Las Vegas, and I live in Washington. My parents don't want me to go either. My bf was accepted as well to UNLV (not nursing, though), so we'll be leaving in July. I didn't want to leave at first, but Nursing is what I'm supposed to do, and it's WAY too competitive here in Seattle. I started bawling after getting an 8 out of 10 on a psych quiz, and decided right then and there I WOULD not kill myself to get a 4.0 in order to go to school here. Viva Las Vegas!!
  6. by   RedSox33RN
    i'd go with the sure thing also. we all know how hard it is to get in, and being on a waiting list doesn't mean too much.

    but anyway, congratulations!! :hatparty:
  7. by   moonbunnie
    thanks everybody. yah, i really think i will probably just go with going to NIU, since its the sure thing, and it is a really nice school. its also less expensive than the other school, which I think is a plus. Im just happy that ive been accepted somewhere
  8. by   fnimat1
    Congratulations!!! I say go for it....you only live once and getting into nursing schools is extremely competitive. The school that accepted you obviously knows that you have what it takes....so go for it!!!

    Congratulations again!!!!

  9. by   kahumai
    Congratulations, Moonbunnie!!!!

    Northern is a great school, has a really good nursing program, has a nice campus, and really fun night life (I know from first-hand experience!!! )

    Go Huskies!!!!

    By the way--what part of Chicago are you from???
  10. by   moonbunnie
    actually, im from rockford, not chicago. so are you at NIU now? it seems like a really great school.
  11. by   manna
    Congrats! The board is blooming with acceptance announcements lately... and what a more perfect time to find that letter in your mailbox than spring! How exciting!
  12. by   moonbunnie
    yah thanks everyone, and congrats to you all too who also received acceptances recently! sometimes i feel like im more excited knowing ive been accepted than i am about actually starting school...it just makes you feel like all your hard work is finally paying off, ya know? but then i realize i still have two years of hard work ahead of me, and just imagine how excited ill be when i finally graduate