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    Just wanted to pop in and offer a little advice.

    While you are in school the studying is rigorous and the hours are long. If you don't have to work, I would strongly suggest that you don't. School carries with it allot of stress and to add the responsibility of job on top of that is allot to carry.

    If there is any way that you can get out of working through financial aid etc. then go for it. If not, keep your hours to a minimum and by all means let your employer know that you are in school and that they will have to schedule you around that.


    I agree. I work part time (switching to PRN or PerDiem October 6). My schooling comes first. Work knows that, I know that and my hubby knows that.
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  3. by   nrsbaby2be
    If I could continue my studies without working, that would be great, but unfortunately, it is not realistic. It's great if you have a husband or parents that will help, but more and more students are like myself...older and have more responsibilities than those lucky students that go from high school to college. Mortgages, rent, car payments, insurance, children...etc. all require money.

    I just wanted to say that for some of us it is just not possible. The best suggestion I have for people that have to work is to try to get work in the medical field; this way it can be a learning experience.

  4. by   peaceful2100
    OOH I know if I did not have to work I wouldn't but the only reason why I have to work is because of child care reasons for my little girl. The good thing is though that the job I had over the summer I am still employed at a children's hospital and I just started back working yesterday prn. It is perfect because whenever they need me they will run it by me first and if it fits my schedule then I will work it. Like yesterday and today I worked 1230-430. I am only going to work 2 days-3 days every other week at the MOST.
    I am 21 married, and have a three year old kid to take care of. I work full time and go to school part time. Right now my job is first priority because it pays my bills, so I am taking school slow, but in two years I will haev to start going to school full time. I do agree that working in the medical field is great, Im a cna in a med-surg floor, and I have learned so much you cant even imagine.
  6. by   eventsnyc
    I work 2 jobs. My jobs are not hospital related, so I volunteer whenever I have a chance. I am on call for a large hospital as a 3-lingual ER med interpreter. They provided the training. I get to work with docs and nurses. They are very friendly. Work is not busy.

    It would be nice to go to school full time. But like a lot of second degree students, this is not an option for me So I had chosen a school that offers evening and weekend nursing classes. Which is great help. Living in the city, and close to the work and to the school really help too.

    Second degree students also don't get much financial help. So school is my treat!

    Monday-Thursday: I work as a gemologist. Weekends: I organize and promote special events. The hours are long and irregular, but that's fine with me. Good practice for weekend and night shifts later on I also get to learn a lot about people & social skills, which I think is important for the nursing job later on.

    When do I study? That's the question! I study at lunch breaks, at dinner time, before going to bed. No TVs, no movies, & no parties for 2 more years. (I need 4 more hours each day. LOL). And will see after that. Not missing them a bit.

    My bf and friends know that school is important to me. That doesn't mean it's easy. But I handle it. I know many BB members work harder then me, many of you have kids and you have to travel distances each day both for work and for classes.

    I will be getting a pay cut when I become a nurse. But taking care of patients is what I want to do. I am willing to work very hard to get there. Like all of you. It's possible.

    Best wishes, Christina
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  7. by   jfordngcsu
    i also agree with that. i work at a pharmacy on the days when i have time and the hospital on the holidays. i have no idea how some of these people have families and work full time. mylife is stressful as it is and i put a large amount of my time and strength into nursing school. i thank the Lord everyday that i have a loving and supportive mom and stepdad that are willing to help me get through school and not have a full or part time job.