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  1. nrsbaby2be

    A&P Test. VENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    After reading these posts, I am finding myself extremely lucky. Although I won't have my first test in A&P lecture, I've already had my first practical and first quiz, both of which I've done well. Because my prof is also a physical therapist (he is now going for his doctorate in Anatomy), he styles the tests as multiple choice. He states that since that is how most of the big tests (NCLEX - if it is spelt wrong, forgive me...it's 2 am) are. He sees that the majority of the students will be going onto one of the health sciences so he doesn't overload us with the text. He gives us good notes and a review sheet for each chapter. According to him, the Martini text is actually written more towards a graduate level. And the best part...is that I am learning something! I'll let you know for sure though a week from now. Hopefully, I'll feel the same.
  2. nrsbaby2be

    Types of grades in nursing schools

    Hi Mito, I'm actually in the same boat. When I first got out of high school (half my life ago), I was accepted into an ADN program but due to the stress of losing my grandmother, I dropped out. I have although always had this incompleteness. I've returned to school last Spring, and I'm working on my prereqs to get into another ADN program. So far I've been able to maintain a 4.0 gpa with my first 15 credits...but this semester will be the one to get through...especially A&P I. Kris
  3. nrsbaby2be

    Pulled into instructors office today!

    When I first read your post, I thought maybe since you are the outgoing type she had hoped you would pass this on to classmates that keep things inside more. Not seeing you as needing help, but you being better able to relate to some of the other student nurses. I got stumped though when you mentioned your friend's experience. Maybe, just maybe...with everything going on...she was coming to you for help...seeing your outgoingness, maybe she envied that...she might have also been jealous of that. As with the other posts, just keep going as you are. You have a big support system here on this board alone. Kris
  4. nrsbaby2be

    Psych/Mental Health nursing questions?

    One of the best nurses I've had the pleasure of working with is a psychiatric nurse. He is the coordinator of a continuing day treatment center in New York. At first appearances, he appears gruff and cynical, but he cares soooo muuucchhh :) for his patients. He's the best!
  5. nrsbaby2be

    Medical Mystery, Need Help

    I can't remember the specifics, but I definitely heard of that happening.
  6. Now, I'm looking for honesty. I know that there are many of you who received A's all the way through school, and that's great! I'm curious about you who had a hard time to start but were able to pull themselves up. Because of the intensity of many of the nursing schools, it is expected that better organization is needed to continue getting the good grades that got you into nursing school. So, what was your GPA getting into the nursing program? What were the worst grades you received (and how did you bring them up)? And if you graduated, what GPA did you finish with?
  7. nrsbaby2be

    need advice re: emergency room nursing

    Have you worked in an ER yet? I would suggest since you are close to graduation that you work as an emergency tech if you can. One of the major hospitals by me accepts nursing students who have only a year or less to go. This way you can see if it is what you really want to do.
  8. nrsbaby2be

    Thinking about getting out of acute care

    Kona2...I believe that there are a real shortage of teachers for nursing schools...if you still love the theory of nursing and love teaching, you should look into how to teach in one of the nursing schools. I've heard that many nursing schools have had to lower the number of students they can enroll in the medical field. I know for myself getting ready to enter a nursing program next year after finishing my prereqs, I would love to have an instructor who loved to teach. Sometimes I find myself doubting whether I should pursue nursing with all the problems, but there are so, so many options once you have the degree.
  9. nrsbaby2be

    Seeking your expertise with blood draws

    As I am still in the pre-nursing phase, the only contact I've come is as the patient. For the most part, the phlebotomist always used the vacutainers, but I remember once a nurse took my blood using the butterfly. It was definitely less painful. What are the circumstances you can use the butterfly vs. the vacutainer?
  10. nrsbaby2be

    Looking for some A&P websites

    I checked it out and it's pretty informative. Thanks!
  11. nrsbaby2be

    Looking for some A&P websites

    Thank you both for the links. Caroline, they changed the edition to #5 and although it also has the disk, it's not answering the questions I need answered. :o . The prof gave us a stack of worksheets to do, and it's frustrated when you try to look for the answer and CAN'T find it. Thanks again.
  12. nrsbaby2be

    Lusting after a doctor

    If he is attached, I would suggest you heed with a lot of caution. If he is not and perhaps feels the same, again proceed with caution, especially on the job...but I don't see no problem if you are two consenting adults. Also, remember underneath the lab coat and scrubs, he's just a man (may be a sexy man), but still just a man. It's not unheard of a doctor and nurse getting together, you are working in a field that many may not understand what your days are like. So now you have to SHARE some more info with us!
  13. nrsbaby2be

    Looking for some A&P websites

    Especially for the integumentary system. Our prof. has given us this as an independent study since he will be out this week, and the text is not very helpful. Any suggestions?
  14. nrsbaby2be

    Please tell I'm not the only one!

    I myself am very addicted to this site. ;) ;)
  15. nrsbaby2be

    Working While In School......

    If I could continue my studies without working, that would be great, but unfortunately, it is not realistic. It's great if you have a husband or parents that will help, but more and more students are like myself...older and have more responsibilities than those lucky students that go from high school to college. Mortgages, rent, car payments, insurance, children...etc. all require money. I just wanted to say that for some of us it is just not possible. The best suggestion I have for people that have to work is to try to get work in the medical field; this way it can be a learning experience. K
  16. nrsbaby2be

    Maybe I should bail out now.

    I agree with the replys to your post. Not knowing what subject, I can't give specific advice, but usually the first test is the most difficult because you are not sure of the test set- up, grading etc. One of the things I found for myself is that if I feel I have a good handle on information, I will move on to the things that may be more shaky and need special attention. Also, study in smaller intervals and get down what you are studying. Don't give up. If you feel that you know the information but incorrectly listed it, talk to your professor. They may have pointers to help you. Maybe you have a slight learning disability, nothing to be ashamed about. Contact the testing center...there may be different ways for you to learn and retain what you are learning. If you made it into the nursing program, you have what it takes, and a minor slip is not a sign of failure. Best of luck, Kris:) :) :) :)