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at present, where are you working and how many hours? if you are already in school, did you stop or start working and or did you add or drop hours? if you will be a student in the fall, will you... Read More

  1. by   peaceful2100
    ABBY, Hi I see you are from Olathe, KS. I am about 20 minutes from you in Grandview, MO. This isn't Research hospital by any chance is it. If so YOU HAVE to call them. They typically don't call you back UNLESS They really, really need you. They are so slow about calling people back. I had to call them and I got an interview as soon as I did.

    To everyone else, I have not worked during the the whole entire nursing program so far EXCEPT in pre-req's but during nursing course work NO. I might work once school starts back up about one shift every other week. So maybe every other Friday night I might work.

    My school strongly encourages us to keep working to 20 hours or less.
  2. by   emily_mom
    Are you a mom? That makes a big difference in the number of hours you can work. Thank the Lord my husband has a great job that affords me the luxury of not working while in school. I worked 32 hrs/wk the first two years, and I was always crabby. I haven't worked for the last 8 months, and it is so much nicer. I don't think I could do it with all of the care plans, med sheets, exams, clinical rotations, etc... I would like to work as a nurse tech to get my foot in the door someplace though. But, like I said, a lot of it depends on your home life.

    Good luck to you!!!

  3. by   emily_mom
    Originally posted by abby27
    I am trying to get a job as a unit secretary, but I am having trouble getting anyone in human resources to call me back! I have tried several hospitals too. I need a job so bad!!
    Isn't it funny that with the health care shortages you can't find a job? You would think that HR would be beating down your door to hire you and yet all they do is sit back and complain!!!:angryfire