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Hello, I am a 2nd yr nursing student, I graduate in May. I had an OR observation yesterday and was able to watch an endo lap chole. I may add that I was very excited as my goal is to become an OR... Read More

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    Quote from edmia
    I had to find the nursing student placenta story. Turns out her school did in fact throw her out but she sued and won:

    Chicago intellectual property | Facebook photo privacy | @internetcases

    In any case, be prepared for the worst although I do not agree that taking a picture of an organ is a HIPAA violation. Not the best thought process, but not a violation.

    Good luck tomorrow.

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    I heard about a student who used a thumb drive at a VA facility (federal property) and got into hot water over it. I don't remember ever being warned about putting a disk or USB in at a facility, but they sure warned us after that. He got his grade dropped, but apparently the administration of the hospital wanted him thrown out of the program!
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    Quote from Sweet_Wild_Rose
    Depending on facility policy (which your school and its students are required to follow) and the school policy, they may be well within their rights to dismiss you from the program. Outside factors that may contribute to your lack in judgement really don't matter; all students have outside factors of some kind affecting them.

    And please, do not refer to yourself as an excellent nurse. You are a student who does not have a nursing license; therefore you are not a nurse of any kind yet
    . That may seem harsh, but there are states that protect the title nurse and there can be legal penalties for calling yourself a nurse without holding the license.
    I agree! I graduate next month, already have a job, and just went out and bought my "RN color scrubs" for training, but I STILL don't call myself a nurse! I haven't passed the NCLEX yet. Until I officially get my results, I'm not a nurse! There were a bunch of purses/bags lying around in the lab a couple weeks ago and one very nice bag had "NURSE" monogrammed across the front. I was sitting near it and people started complimenting it and thought it was mine. I was like, "No, it's not mine. It is pretty, but I'm not a nurse yet."
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    Good luck! I hope all goes well and they let u continue with the program as you've come so far. Please keep us posted!
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    Seriously. No pictures ever. (or, you know, unless there is a professional reason). Your best bet is probably humbly explaining what you learned and how you won't push this boundary again.
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    I am so sorry, what a terrible situation to be in.

    It reminded me of a story I read in the news a while back about a care aide that took a pictue of an elderly, obese resident at the care home where he worked, I guess because it was so interesting or gross or something.

    Not to say that what you did was that bad, but still there was some sort of seperation from the person and their body for you to make you feel like it was okay. If that was you or your mother or loved one that had to go in for a serious surgery, perhaps maybe due to a life threatening or altering disease, would you want student snapping personal photos because they thought the patient's organs were cool?
    You seem to repeat that there was nothing to identify the patient but that may not be the point, it was still a violation of privacy.

    It was so innocent though, I really hope you can go on. good luck
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    Quote from Jenn77x1
    Everything that I have found in regards to HIPAA states that a violation includes individual identifiable information, which there was not & the one picture was deleted before leaving the OR.

    Im in no way trying to imply that I did no wrong but I do believe that being removed from the program seems pretty harsh for a student that has never had a unsat anything, no write ups, no probations. I have a lot going on right now, Ive been on prednisone for almost 2 months, Im sleep deprived & I have a son who is getting ready to graduate + some other things that may contribute to my severe lack in judgement, which by the way says nothing about my character or the kind of nurse I will be, I am an excellent nurse !

    When I left the OR the OR manager wrote down her name for me to use as a reference when applying to the OR. I just wish everything would be taken into consideration & not just this incident . . . Such a hopeless feeling !
    You will find that different facilities will have their own individual policies and interpretations of HIPAA and will act upon them at their discretion. It is still a "breach of confidentiality" or "conduct unbecoming" issue. It doesn't matter that the picture was deleted before you left the OR....you still took the picture. The manager of the OR could take out an advertisement for you and it still doesn't erase what you did was wrong.

    You are at the end of your school and should have known better. You have "20 years" of "nursing experience" as stated on your profile......you really should have known better. This is a big deal. I also need to help you on another small issue.
    I am an excellent nurse !
    You are not a nurse. You have not passed your boards and you don't have a license. You are not a nurse. Depending on your state....many state have passed state legislation that protects the title nurse and makes it illegal for anyone without a license to represent themselves as a nurse.
    Title "Nurse" Protection

    Restricting use of the title "nurse" to only those individuals who have fulfilled the requirements for licensure as outlined in each state's nurse practice act is a protection for the public against unethical, unscrupulous, and incompetent practitioners. Nurse practice acts describe entry level qualifications such as education, practice standards and code of conduct for continued privilege to practice nursing. Limiting use of the title "nurse" to only those who have satisfied the licensure requirements ensures the protection the public deserves.

    At least 37 states are known to have language in their Nurse Practice Act; either explicit in restricting use of the title "nurse" to only those who are licensed or implicit language restricting use of any words implying the individual is a licensed nurse.....

    AR, AZ
    , CA, CO, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, KS, KY, MD, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NM, NY, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WV, WI, WY http://nursingworld.org/MainMenuCate...e/default.aspx
    I know it may seem insignificant but it is illegal in many states......you not knowing it is illegal won't make it any less illegal.

    Unfortunately.....nursing doesn't care what is going on in your personal life, you make a mistake, it's a mistake...no excuses. You need to be responsible at all times. Nurses work sleep deprived ALL the time....ask any night nurse with small children.....you still are not allowed to make mistakes. The expectation is for "perfection" at all times. I know technically that doesn't make sense......but, An airline pilot can't miss the runway because their wife is angry at them. A police officer can't shoot you at a traffic stop because they have they flu and are crabby. You just should not be taking pictures of the patients anything for any reason.

    I worked for a long time on steroids....high dose steroids for a neuro muscular disorder (doses of 80mgs a day and 2-5 grams IV intermittently) as well as a long list of other meds....we are still accountable for our actions.

    I feel so bad for you, I really do......I pray they don't expel you from the program....I really do. But prepare yourself for the worst. I think you need to contact your student malpractice and ask them advice on how to fight this if you get expelled.

    Keeping my fingers crossed.
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    I think since the person said come BEFORE ur clinical, I think you'll just get a serious discipline and given another chance. If they wanted u out, I think they would have met u ASAP to expel you. What do you think? It's just my opinion. The situation seems serious, hoping for the best for you.
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    Yeah, without the written permission of the facility and, most importantly, the patient, this is illegal.

    I don't want to go overboard, but I have to say too that I am wondering about your judgment. Why would you even think to do this or that it was ok?
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    Quote from erinmarie320
    If you google "nursing student placenta", you can find the story of a girl who paid a hefty price for her over zealous, and earnestly and innocently motivated, interest in her clinical placement.
    Interestingly enough she was actually allowed back in to school, as well as the three others expelled. Just thought it was an interesting case to follow. Update: Taking a Photo with a Placenta Won't Get You Kicked Out of Nursing School - Forbes

    Of course that was different in the fact that the instructor knew she was taking the pictures and in this case the instructor did not know, nor were the nurses happy about it happening.
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    This nursing student screwed up.

    No doubt what this student did was arguably unethical and probably a violation of school and/or facility policy. This student may have even violated a state privacy law.

    IANAL, but there are a lot of nurses and students in this thread who think they understand HIPAA who clearly do not. About 80%...
    I see the typical emotional but ignorant reaction: "that FEELS like a privacy violation, therefor HIPAA violation!" At least Google "Protected Health Information" and educate yourself. You'll quickly understand that this is NOT a HIPAA violation because there was no PHI, no ability to identify the patient from the picture.
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    Quote from Bloomgirl118
    Interestingly enough she was actually allowed back in to school, as well as the three others expelled. Just thought it was an interesting case to follow. Update: Taking a Photo with a Placenta Won't Get You Kicked Out of Nursing School - Forbes

    Of course that was different in the fact that the instructor knew she was taking the pictures and in this case the instructor did not know, nor were the nurses happy about it happening.
    What a bizarre article title... As though anyone could take a picture WITH a placenta... Placentas do no have photographic capabilities. I'd expect better from Forbes.

    As an aside, OP, you stated that you had your phone in your scrubs pocket because you didn't bring anything else with you. Did the OR allow you to wear your own scrubs? In every OR I have been familiar with, it was necessary to change into hospital washed scrubs in order to enter the OR setting. If so, that phone should have been left with your change of clothes.

    Even if this is not a HIPAA violation, it was very likely a violate of hospital policy and I would bet my right arm that it's a violation of your school's policy that governs the use of electronic devices. When I was in school students have been sent home from clinical for using their cell phones (in any capacity) on the clinical floor.

    It sounds like you have learned from this mistake, so I sincerely hope that you are only reprimanded and nothing worse. But I hope this lesson serves you well in the future.
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    So, how did your meeting go this morning?
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    I hope you weren't thrown out of the program!