Why do spouses "freak out" about us going to nursing school? - page 4

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone else is having some relationship problems. My husband is a good guy, but lately, the last couple of years our relationship has just been getting farther... Read More

  1. by   cna on her way
    I am a freshman in school as well, doing the general courses first and waiting for an acceptance letter. Myhusband has been pretty supportive so far. He really wants me to get my nursing and to be happy. I think that he is ready for me to actually earn a decent living. I make like half of what he does now and he's anxious to see a big increase. I put off school myself until my kids were both in school. My baby is in prek now and will attend kindergarten this fall so I am ready to get back full time myself. My family will always remain number one to me. But I can't imagine my husband becoming unsupportive and jealous of school. We try to understand each other and be honest about our feelings. I have been married for 10 years now and was only 19 when I got married. But I don't long for independance and he knows that. I am my own person and he is his own person. So I hope that we survive this school things with minimal scarring.
  2. by   GraceyB
    My boyfriend is very supportive right now and I am not in school yet. He tells me that he is behind me 150% and he will understand all the study time, the ignoring him and will steer clear when I am cranking from studying late. I hope that while I am in school that he stays as supportive as he is now. I should get a tape recorder just case he gets into the 'you're ignoring me' phase. LOL